BOUNDARIES – And where’s that IHOP love?

Where’s that IHOP love!?!?  What am I talking about?

There are a lot of people – family and friends – who’ve gotten cut off by their IHOP loved one after they voiced their reservations about IHOP – about Mike Bickle, Allen Hood and other teachers at IHOP.

I’ve had parents share these thoughts with me and one similar thread runs through them – “boundaries”.  The IHOP interns all complain about their boundaries being overstepped when friends or family have the audacity to question some or any of the IHOP teachings. 

“You’ve crossed the boundaries I’ve set up in my life.” the common complaint.  Hmm, Mike Bickle sure does mention “boundaries” a lot. 

Family and friends who disagree with IHOP doctrine are wanting to protect their loved ones inside of IHOP.  But that boundary line can’t be crossed.. Mike Bickle cannot be questioned.  That’s right up there with, “Touch not God’s anointed!”  That’s like saying, “You had better not disagree with me.”

The interns at IHOP, being called forerunners for Christ, truly believe that they are basically “one up” on the entire rest of the Christian world.  And think about it, wouldn’t you feel like you had something really special if the speaker kept telling you, “The Lord showed me..” ..and you get to be in on it!?

Does anyone think to remember: For many will come in My name, saying, “I am the Christ,” and will mislead many. . . Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name. And at that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another.  And many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many.  And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. . . . For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. (Matthew 24:5, 9-12, 24)

Don’t ever forget that we are all called to study to show ourselves approved. 

Mike Bickle keeps telling everyone, “Don’t take my word for it! You’ve got your Bibles! You check out what I’m telling you and make sure it’s right!”

But how many take the time to do that?  How many go back and re-read the scripture he’s given them and then pray about it…..and really look to see if his lessons are right on?  Are we touched by the ‘lesson’? or are we tendered by the scriptures in that lesson?  Big difference..

One former IHOP person told me about the time he did that very thing…  It was, however, his honesty that got him in trouble. You see, when other interns saw him sort of standing back a little at the meetings, not getting into the meetings quite like he used to, when they saw him going back and going over the scriptures Mike Bickle had just told them to check…. he was questioned first by them….and then called down on the carpet about it.  He was asked where he stood… 

What did this person tell his examiners?  He told them that he’d been listening, praying, listening some more and then studying.  He had been going back and checking exactly what Mike Bickle had told everyone to check, and when he read the various scriptures in their correct context and not just pieces of the scriptures, those scriptures were not pointing to what Mike Bickle was insisting they were.

He was told to leave IHOP at once.  i.e. He had crossed a boundary

Where does this person stand today?  Walking strongly in the Lord, for certain.  He is able to look back at IHOP and say, as did Job, “No doubt but you are the people, and wisdom shall die with you.”  Job 12: 1-2    (That’s a little biblical sarcasm there..) But he knows God virtually delivered him from a great, great deception.  He is still friends with various people within IHOP but recognizes the fact that he’s been placed in a “Do Not Fellowship With” category….because he crossed the IHOP boundaries…

One more thought about boundaries…  Why is it that so many IHOP devotees get on the various blogs and work themselves up into such a head of steam?   What is it about the anti-IHOP blogs that really upsets them?  Could it be that forerunner thing going on?  Maybe the idea that other lovers of Christ, (and I’m not talking Bridal Paradigm here – that’s a whole ‘nother draft), look at IHOP as being in total error, and that thought alone makes IHOP devotees feel like we’ve crossed their boundaries at even thinking that?  Who knows?

It was easier back in the days of ‘Moonies’ passing out flowers at airports and Jim Jones/People’s Temple  in Guyana – a.k.a. when the scripturally “off” were easier to point out.  These days the false teachers just slither on in and they don’t necessarily stand out like a sore thumb.  That’s why the Holy Spirit advised us to be en guard via scripture – for times when boundaries must be crossed and the Truth professed instead.


Published by: annunk

I have seen too many believers in Christ falling into the trap of practicing "Christianized New Age" and still calling it holy. Contemplative prayer is nothing more ( or less) than TM. Totally unscriptural. I encourage anyone who's interested in knowing the truth of God's word to dig in daily and SEARCH - be like the Bereans - FIND OUT if the teachings, messages, books you've read or radio speakers you've heard are dissecting God's word correctly. If they're not, throw out what you've heard. Trash it. God demands we STUDY to show ourselves approved. BE a Berean. Acts 17: 10-11

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11 thoughts on “BOUNDARIES – And where’s that IHOP love?”

  1. This was one person’s experience. Your are castigating an entire ministry on the basis of one person’s testimony?

    My experience with IHOP leadership has been just the opposite. Allen Hood and Cory Russell have both ministered in our conferences and we have consistently found them to be both humble and approachable when challenged concerning certain content. We have never found them even approaching heresy. IHOP isn’t for everyone. However many have encountered Christ in a profound life changing way through the ministry.

  2. This was one person’s experience. Your are castigating an entire ministry on the basis of one person’s testimony?

    My experience with IHOP leadership has been just the opposite. Allen Hood and Cory Russell have both ministered in our conferences and we have consistently found them to be both humble and approachable when challenged concerning certain content. We have never found them even approaching heresy. IHOP isn’t for everyone. However many have encountered Christ in a profound life changing way through the ministry.

  3. Never even found them approaching heresy..

    That must mean that you agree with what they’re promoting — including Contemplative prayer. CP is so New Age it is totally amazing that you’re swallowing it and calling it ‘good’. It’s TM – nothing more or less.

    And I mentioned one person’s experience. It’s one of many. Check this out.

    This is by Ariel. Ariel used to be with IHOP. She got out after God opened her eyes. She studied – to show herself approved – and God blessed it.

    There are others..

  4. Great post!

    The points you make are all typical reactions of people in cults with cult mind sets. If they do any research they might just upset their own apple carts and that is such a scary idea, that they can’t contemplate it. They don’t want anyone else to do it either.

    I’d like your permission to re-post it on truthspeaker’s blog!

  5. Post away. We’re seeing God’s blessings on everything we do in love toward either getting people out of IHOP or helping to change their minds about going in to IHOP.

    It isn’t a case of “touch not God’s anointed” but a case of being a Berean and fullfilling a calling.

  6. Being part of IHOP-KC for over 8 years and being part of the leadership for over 6 of those years, I have to disagree with you. IHOP-KC is like any other cult – or maybe that is too fierce of a word. Jehovah’s Witness, or Mormon type of religion might be a better category to place these IHOPers in.

    Are they saved? Oh yes, of course they will be with Jesus in the next life. But the foundational – so called prophetic words that much of what make up this 24/7 prayer room are not based on foundational truths, and many of them have been changed throughout the beginning of IHOP-KC when we, (yes we), started in a trailer because, well.. the prophecies did not happen and many men involved were not walking in truth at that time.

    Examples: Honey, I have more than I can write in a blog. I lived it. Where what they are doing is in scripture, at least a lot of it, it is based out of the old covenant and not the finished work of the cross. Galatians would be a good book to compare them to. When Paul returned to find their doctrines tainted. As far as many of the leaders (now) and teachers of IHOPU, “money” would be a great word… What would all of these people do if IHOP-KC ended tomorrow? Would these teachers and leaders be able to get jobs to support their families? What about the kids in this ministry and the rock star wannabes? Over 80 percent of them do not know how to function outside of the bubble and lack social skills and job training.

    Prayer is a good thing, and I probably wouldn’t mind IHOP-KC so much if all they did was to provide a place of worship to the Lord. But they don’t. There are so many deeper workings that happen there which are being sent all over the world and country. Yes, IHOP is a missions base where people come to get equipped and then get sent out.

    Regarding fasting… Oh how I fasted. So much that my insides, even today, still have medical issues…and they will tell you that they make no one fast, that it is a choice – but remember these people are seeking acceptance and want to feel like they belong somewhere when they use those tactics, (to make you think you are fasting so that your heart is more tender for God), but you are actually fasting for all the wrong reasons (one of which is being accepted by the leaders and teachers and peers).

    People come and are then sent out “by God” so multiplication of a thwarted, Christian message goes out across the world…sound familiar? What troubles me is that many Christians, like CBN, 700 Club and others, do not know the entire story and what exactly happens in this place – so they only report what appears to be truth….A real reporter would come into the community, try to be part of the community, and then would see IHOP is a cult. But for every person that does escape this stronghold, and tests the teachings, and really seeks truth, they do eventually find it and learn to walk in the freedom Jesus came to give us.

    Mike Bickle, and I can mention many others, have their own agendas now. And while they will coat things to make people believe what they teach is scriptural, I thank God that I searched and was one like many, many others that have left IHOP because we asked Father God to show us truth and the veils were removed. The lies were uncovered, the money scams undone.

    So when many say this is a place that one can go deeper. Yes, it is, but only if you seek the truth in the scriptures by His Spirit and not the interpretations that someone twists them for all to believe. If you seek, this place is a place where you can actually say that God uses ALL things, even bad things, for your good for those that are in Him. I have a friend that was a Jehovah’s Witness. In his seeking scriptures vs. what was being taught to him, he is now on fire for God because he walks in the freedom that Jesus died and rose again to give us. IHOP-KC does more damage than good for the kids seeking the Lord. It thwarts their thinking and even relationship with Jesus and the Father.

    Where a ministry is there to help the community and offer fellowship and truth, IHOP -KC does none of the above. Right now they have many people fooled but God is God and in the end He will have the last word and all these people that are still in bondage will know the truth of what living a wasted life truly is. Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on Mike Bickle, David Sliker, Corey Russell and all the ones associated with this ministry. Have mercy and have your people seek the truth that they may walk in the freedom you paid for them by the cross.

    Now would you like to know the salaries these so called fasted lifestyle missionaries make and trust me I am not knocking it but don’t preach that you don’t take in a salary when the IRS has listed that you do and on top of tat hefty salary and some in the 6 digits you also get support…while many and I mean many are starving to death or fasting because they have to not because they choose to. Scam! and what I know now that I free from this place is if God could set me Free how many others can He do the same for?

  7. RE: ” People come and are then sent out “by God” so multiplication of a thwarted, Christian message goes out across the world…sound familiar? What troubles me is that many Christians, like CBN, 700 Club and others, do not know the entire story and what exactly happens in this place – so they only report what appears to be truth….A real reporter would come into the community, try to be part of the community, and then would see IHOP is a cult. But for every person that does escape this stronghold, and tests the teachings, and really seeks truth, they do eventually find it and learn to walk in the freedom Jesus came to give us.”

    Too many honest, good believers in Christ, will take whatever someone says, (as long as the name of Jesus is hooked on to it) and will then defend it wholeheartedly, saying “it just MUST be ‘of God'” when sadly, it’s not. Not in the least. But ask then to back up whatever they’re supporting with scripture, and you’ll end up getting called every name in the book from hypocrite down to Pharisee. It’s very sad.

  8. annunk:
    Agree with you that so many leadership know and don’t denounce false/corruption, including christian magazines or those have radio, platform -look at whose on report church abuse list and they know (is it they chose to see what they want and hear only what they want)? Someone brought that up to me the other day, “that, is there an unspeakable code that they (preacher’s) never bash/talk bad about one another and he also said he will never be in a church because he never hears anyone speaking against, usury, adultery, same sex marriages, homosexuality, gluttony, GOSSIP”. When Trinity Foundation exposes TBN/B. Hinn, they try to sue them for libel/slander/deformation of character and whatever else; they will have had to do their research very well not to get sued.

    Came back with the only one movement I’ve heard anyone denounce is Benny Hinn (oops, remember when David Hocking bashed R. Liardon on his radio-but then look at what was exposed on Hocking-he without sin…cast the first stone; can’t throw stones at anyone, no one can). Another example, # of famous evangelist that had gross sin, but when other’s tried to expose and or take over their ministries those men were exposed for their evil deeds/agend=scripture talks about that. Look at Matthew 18:15-17, you’ll get you didn’t walk it out right as a control issue (when it’s been exposed time and time and time again for the same evil dogma=maybe that’s why that movement is riddled with so much death/cancer=cult=”complete and utter disdain for correction”.

    Re: B. Curry that person doesn’t research a matter (that’s how are false churches/cults stay in business, head in sand, rose-colored glasses, doesn’t have a life plan?). Somewhere there was a comment by Casey, being steeped in it and pray for those to get out, you’re still responsible for delivering the Ezekiel 2: message (you’re not responsible for what they do with the message, just delivering it). Example: One of my best friends knew how evil former false church was and yet she was like a dog in her vomit and died late 50’s (knowing “10 Lies The Church Tells Women” was the basis for that movement and a lot of Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse and Don’t Call Me Brother and all the abusive advice that was given to her friends and she knew all the molestation/sin that got hid and swept under the carpet-she knew it all (told her, confronted her and she never left and still tithed to this evil regime; worse she knew her Bible).

    Guess the attraction of a familiar abusive, obsessive compulsive disorder, perfectionist spirit, keeping everyone in sick and in bondage, oppressed/depressed was the attraction. Casey, sometimes you have to let the dead bury the dead (even in regards to the living; dust your feet/boots off and move on to those who are searching/looking. Pray for divine appointments, it’s the lost/unsaved/dying that need Jesus, previous mentioned consider them sitting in the mud=eyes to see and they cannot and ears because plugged with mud? ). Note Matthew 12:50 and Mark 3:35.

    God does not waste any experience, he uses it and that’s talked about in Bible-read it (help others get through it, that’s what this Blog is all about and to educate). At least places to report church/ministry abuse (note what Jha Swarna says about that, it was going to be a corporate item=exposing of abuse and correction-yes!).

    This is how sin makes you very, very stupid. That a book or books can be written, that they can make world-wide news, magazine’s, radio, newspapers (forever in printed in ink like blogs). Heard there was a book to the tune of: christian that you wouldn’t want to be one and could you and or I be in that book-whew (haven’t researched)? Worse, know someone who puts it on postcard to all media, House/Senate; so someone’s stupidity is out there for all to see. Bottom line, if you profess to be a christian you should behave that way all the time=fruit.

    Casey, was in one of the most evil pentecostal/charismatic denominations that everyone thinks is true. It took YEARS to get unbrainwashed, felt like it was all such a waste of life, time when God reminded me: of: “who was I to spit him in the for who he put me under for my training” and that applies to everyone that comes out of their insanity/schizophrenic false churches. Luke 9:60-62 (don’t look back-the plow concept). Get a Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible and read from beginning to end and then start over (notice what it says about the Bible-Word in the deep study guide)=bless your socks off. Bible will heal you. Come across so many people who were “violently killed in the church”. B. Currie person, they will have to see false movement metaphorically kill someone before they leave and then they’ll be writing their own blog/stories. When you know the truth the truth will set you free! Amen!

  9. Annunk and responders: Read one time: “Sad Parent”, they have reason to be concerned-very much so. Book: “Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles, depicts how they separate the children/teens from the parents=great written work in counsel of how cults, false leadership/movements operate. Using the Bible to do so; “Anytime, you usurp your will over someone else you’re walking in witchcraft”, wrong control is witchcraft (Galatians great for this).

    GET OUT-RUN: What will tell you to get out of any ministry (cult), is if they watch you, have spies to report back (to what Warlock/Witch in the movement), that’s been addressed and exposed; or sit around you and watch you-what for? Hire people on payroll to run those out correcting. Especially, if you’ve been confronting, correcting and or even reading your Bible (friend told me, he was reading his Bible when Priest said: “you don’t need to read that, we do that for you”-yeah right). Start to read Bible and correct them with the Bible, you will be a threat to their empire/dynasty (also, use Matthew Henry’s commentary as what Bible really means rather than hireling/false/wolf twisting to their interpretation). Example: If, you corrected false church (they all operate like this, say corrected the main church in Anaheim, and they will black-ball you from city to city and State to State, don’t kid yourself. Great example of this: Google: (type in John Paul Jackson) and read Tammy’s 5 complaints about all these different types of ministry, know it to be true because have gone through the same with vcfites and agites/aogites etc. Met scores of people who’ve been through the same; what’s more fun is we can name these evil people.

    Definitely get out false church, if they use the pulpit for bashing anyone who writes the Pastor/any leader and uses the pulpit for defending their position and any opportunity, weddings, funerals then you know it’s THEIR MINISTRY (haven’t you heard “it’s my ministry, I built it”=pride,). Good clue to get out was my former church went through 5 splits in ? years=he’s uncorrectable, unteachable (or you’ll see a mass exit of people, then all new and same problem-that means people are correcting and not heeding). More than 1/2 false churches in this country should not be open. Or, if you hear him say I read everything that’s signed, or I only read letters that are signed, I read signed or unsigned, I read them all, then comes back I throw away and don’t read the letters that don’t have a name=he’s double minded and unstable in all his ways=schizophrenic (worse, that’s over the entire church/people; there was a lot of people in our church in counseling, anti-depressants).

    Get out if they pray for people to die and invoke the whole church/email/radio list to do the same or that they get in car accidents, lose everything they own to come to Christ, or curse them with cancer (get this: remember someone was praying for someone to lose their business so they could be at church on Sunday, they were working on Sunday, not to lose their business=witchcraft prayers instead of praying blessing their business=mentality is so wrong, so sick and not corrected. Have you ever heard from any pulpit NOT to pray this way and it’s been addressed hardcore since 2000-still not hearing anything from magazines, pulpits, radio etc.? “Men who use the pulpit for bashing are cowards”; NOT thinking of people (sheeple) if they’re not teaching the Bible in entirety not the few verses they deem.

    Get out if pulpit is used for stories, bragging about me, myself, I on the throne ministries. Or, the entire message about begging for money or psychology stories, sport stories, grew up with so many gimmicks (rocks, seed dime concept, pledges, oil, holy water, dirt from holy land) constantly bringing in missionaries/speakers for the merry go round of calendar busy. What are you getting for your time and money and brains sucked out? Using your time to do fund raising projects-they get all their slaves for free, but they collect a salary. Example: Can you imagine being at a funeral/wedding and a pastor is so offended at someone instead of going to them or walking out Matthew 18:15-17 that he is so consumed by self-not thinking of unsaved audience to give the gospel message at either time that he destroys it by getting even for his intent/purposes to make a point that someone wrote or corrected him=very evil (“evil is void and without God). We don’t know what a true church looks like-how sad!=few exceptions.

    Get out if they say, we have to check tithe records before we’ll help you (meaning if you aren’t tithing they won’t help with need or visit you in the hospital (hireling vs. true); or you have to be in choir or teaching Sunday School before we’ll help you-not scriptural (5 loaves and 2 fishes example-Jesus Christ had no conditions-he fed them regardless). Or, they make announces for helps only for married couples but not single parents (they don’t want their time, money going towards those).

    Someone asked me about a well known person in ministry and went back to a very gifted apostolic type and asked; came back with: “same whore, different dress”. Whore takes money and he’s traveling, writing books, he’s making his deeds known before all=platform, you’re paying his expenses, mortgage, children’s education, lifestyle and his philanthropic dreams=God does not get any money. Is any of them paying for your bills while you’re robbing your family=covered in Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola. Going after the youth message (website: Dr. Ron Enroth-to the tune of brainwashing of youth or Dick Sutphen’s article on Brainwashing”). GOD IS NOT GOING TO EXCLUDE THE ELDERLY, especially since they need their money to fund their philanthropic dreams-that’s why they want to be seen before men/women. Sad to say, church is highly men/women hating regime (because if they’re not helping widows/homeless/poor/single parents/children hatred of women who have children=boys/girls; hatred of men=hatred of themselves for not helping people). Do you look at your leader’s childhood which would tell you a whole lot; told church leadership conclusion, if you’re not helping people then you’re highly homosexual/child molesting, habitual lying regimes. If, dad died, went missing, grew up single parent home then why aren’t they helping people? Don’t make excuses.

    ARE WE REALLY CHANGING OUR CITIES AND STREETS FOR GOD? NOT A SOVEREIGN MOVE OF GOD (it’s man made), not people just falling to the ground and repenting for their sins and apologizing to those offended, giving everything away to the poor. Why isn’t Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Hugh Heffner, Larry Flynt, Mick Jagger;-(think of all the lost in the world) coming to Jesus? Are you praying for them? Are you asking how you could help them, do you live love (don’t bring them to a dead church-please, dead methods/dead programs to parade before the whole world and what anyone’s money can do for false ministries). Don’t make those coming in twice the sons of hell as what the current false church looks like.

    Ask yourself, what is M. Bickle, Lou Engle and anyone in ministry really doing for the poor, fatherless, widow, orphan, single parents/children are they bearing one another’s burden’s to fulfill the law of Christ? Bet you could ask these types and they’ll tell you what the false church really is (yoking them out and NO help). Who are they really accountable to or is it the backslapping, flattery, on the same page=dogma people?

    Google: Wittenburg Door-archives articles=read John Bloom’s article on Benny Hinn; not to mention how they all market their product or how they made themselves best seller book list and how many followed this pattern? Are you seeing any of these ministries selling all and giving to the poor and living in the Dream Center-why not? Look at all the money and the years they collected and for what, it’s was just heap unto self=self serving, spiritual vampires, spiritual cannibals and habitual liars. Where did the money go (the millions that went through all these organizations-wow)? Was food put on your table, did they help buy/pay off homes, apartments?

    PhD told me over 1/2 of a well named/known church were on anti-depressants=”welcome to organized religion” and she wanted to come in and educate on pharmaceutical prescriptions especially when a mother killed herself/children in the church on prescription and the hireling/wolf/false wouldn’t let her (yet he made the news for years of homosexual affair and drug use and he lied on National T.V. on more than one occasion and talk shows). People still tithe and attend-go figure (where is he going to go and make $10,000 a month, all expenses paid; man is worth that much in the pulpit=that’s why he’s trying to get back into ministry (even though didn’t submit to time required of church leadership holding him accountable).

    To help: Google: abused by ihop churches; abused by Mike Bickle
    Google: ihop churches, controversial articles
    Google: ihop churches, people’s negative feedback=research (type in the same for M. Bickle). Applies to any/all ministries.

    Ariel’s articles as friend said: “very disturbing” (read more articles). Explain those ministries that abused Tammy, noted above?

    WHY are all these false ministries in business? WHY? Someone explain it to me please. A friend asked me, why people weren’t burning down the catholic churches for what they did to children (tithe money went to pay for molesting, raping, sodomizing, murdering children and paying for abortions)? My response, it’s not just in the catholic church=they’re all the same=don’t lie to yourself (Matthew 7:13-14-very few exceptions). Get unbrainwashed and research a matter and think for yourself=READ YOUR BIBLE! All the above has been address hardcore to church leadership/media.

    Sorry, to say this: Drive by churches now and think what a bunch of drips, saps and suckers and I’ve seen a lot supernaturally. Hang with great friends who know what the true church should look like. Don’t miss the abuse, mind control, brainwashing, lies, dogma, no love, no one cares, non-acceptance, religious addiction, or can’t do it good enough (most people the reason why these entities exist because people are looking for fellowship, grafted in families because there family is dysfunctional, trade one for another). Sad, was sent to a bar, started having Bible Study in the bar (where church is at=people), people were telling one true war story after another why they will NOT be in a church.

    Over 70 churches in town I’m in (check surrounding cities for how many in each) over 100 in my former home town and NOT one is changing their city, let along praying (preying on the people more like it). They’re religious, but are they saved? People on the outside know if your churches are true/real/genuine and truly help people (government officials know also-like when city had a cold spell only 5-7 churches opened their doors to the homeless so they wouldn’t freeze of over 100 churches=true vs. false. Can you imagine National Prayer Day at City Hall only 7 people showed up in the entire city (pastor’s sent representatives but not themselves, =prayer was not important but their business/administration of a church or “their god was their belly”. If, they give you “forsake not the assembly”, go read Matthew Henry’s Commentary. Church is wherever you go in the marketplace=Freedom! People are the church, not buildings. Proof is: Judgment coming because of the false church that people though was true (scriptural). Told a friend, church was paving the way for hiterlism; it’s already here-think about that and she said “Dietrich Bonhoeffer said the church would pave the way also”. Came back what year was that-40’s=God have great mercy.

    Can you imagine if all the money that the institutionalized church took in and how they could have changed their Nation for God if it bought banks, property, houses, schools and helped people that way, paying for people’s education, buying food, created jobs-served people, helped people how different this nation would look today if it had truly lived Jesus Christ (gave it away). Wasn’t it “Transformation”, an excellent documentary. Those who have nothing, give out of their nothing.

  10. Ros,

    “Bottom line, if you profess to be a Christian you should behave that way all the time = fruit.”

    Well said, Ros. No, we’re not casting the first stone, but we are acting as Bereans – Lifeguards.. Shark! Shark! Everyone out of the water!

    If you see the error being spewed out (and in the name of Christ) and you don’t say something or warn others, then where do you stand when you’re one day asked why you didn’t tell anyone if you knew..

  11. You had a lot to say… but I really thought you had a LOT of tremendous points. I especially like the part about, “WHY are all these false ministries in business?”

    Your point about tithing isn’t only in charismatic churches, (‘if you give your tithe, we’re here for you’ mentality) , but I’ve seen it in “denominational” churches as well. ….wouldn’t it be nice if the pastor wanted to shake your hand and visit for a minute…even if you hadn’t given a dime…

    A lot of good points.

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