So Mike Bickle says Contemplative Prayer is biblical, right?


 New Age “channelers” and other occultists use Acts 10:10 to claim scriptural backing or legitimacy for Contemplative “trances” and other paranormal experiences.

(I have an old memory of Charles and Francis Hunter speaking about a time when Francis was “flying up above the trees” shouting to Charles to “Come up here, Charles! It’s beautiful!”  And then there’s Mike Bickle talking about visiting the 3rd heaven..)

Acts 10:10  Then he became hungry and wanted to eat, but while they were preparing something he went into a visionary state.

While there are several instances in scripture where God’s people had mystical experiences, please note that such experiences were never sought by man.  They were initiated by the Soverign God.

This alone distinguishes Christian mysticism from New Age mysticism which urges its adherents to pursue paranormal activities – and in the case of Mike Bickle, which also builds doctrine around these paranormal experiences.

If you’re practicing Contemplative spirituality, stop practicing it.  You are literally playing with fire.


2 thoughts on “So Mike Bickle says Contemplative Prayer is biblical, right?”

  1. Dear Unknown,

    Not sure if you are still writing this blog, but my son, who has been a prodigal for several years has found himself there. We thought this was great news but now we are concerned. He is calling us telling us that he is praying and fasting in the prayer room at IHOP. We do not know what to do because before this he was on the streets, living with a girl, drugs and drinking. We do not know what to do or how to pray about this based on what you wrote it sounds like a new age Christian Cults?

    Bob,(the dad)

  2. Bob,

    I praise God that your son isn’t doing the street scene – sex, drinking, drugs. But I’m very saddened to know he’s made his way to IHOP. I’ll be lifting your son in prayer. “New Age Christian Cult”… talk about an oxymoron. The word “Christian” should never be connected with New Age or cult but that’s exactly what you’ve got with IHOP. All of the people who go there will tell you it’s the best thing going but they’re very, very deceived. Mike Bickle is heavily promoting a very New Age practice called Contemplative Prayer. Google it. Google contemplative prayer and New Age, or contemplative prayer and occult. You’ll see what your son’s being taught.

    The IHOP people who read these blogs get absolutely furious that we would dare to say anything against Mike Bickle. They’re missing the point. It’s not the leader Mike Bickle who’s being pointed out but rather the New Age teachings Mike is pushing. Contemplative prayer is nothing but TM (transcendental meditation). Instead of Ommmmmm, they’re using a “jesus mantra” to get into a meditative/self-induced hynotic state. They’re connecting with familiar spirits when they practice it. And like the old saying goes, ‘When you play with fire, you’re going to get burned’.

    I will definitely be lifting your son in prayer and I’ll get a few others to lift him up as well.

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