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IHOP & Word of Faith DECEPTION

If the truth will set you free, then remember that lies will put you in bondage.

The gospel is complete. There is not going to be another testament, another way to reach God or another way to please God. Salvation is a complete gift from God and we cannot add anything to make it more complete.

Jude shows us about the character of false teachers. They’re DREAMERS – but what are they dreaming about?  How about health, wealth, prosperity?  They’re the “have it NOW” group. Sure, sure, God wants you in heaven with Him but you can really have heaven NOW – IF you “pray God’s word over…blah, blah, blah..  ” Because “God CANNOT defy his own WORD”. i.e. the Word is used like an incantation. That’s a big no-no. This is a very common teaching with Word of Faith.  And that is called “testing God”, which He tells us not to do.

They DEFILE THE FLESH.  i.e. Not only do they quietly ‘approve’ of sexual immorality, but after they’ve “accepted” these lifestyles, they even elevate these persons into teaching positions. ((Let’s take Bob Jones and Paul Cain as IHOP examples of this..Then there’s Benny Hinn… and the list goes on and on and on..)) Bob Jones and Paul Cain were kicked out of IHOP publically, but BOTH still close friends with Mike Bickle – and Bickle still referring to them as “great prophets”.  The others still maintain their marvelous “ministries”..

They DESPISE AUTHORITY.  They absolutely cannot accept ANY criticism of their teachings, thoughts or ideas at all. It becomes that attitude of, “I know something that YOU don’t because GOD speaks to ME.” ((This is yet another IHOP bump in the road. ANYone who speaks out against Mike Bickle or ANY of the other IHOP “teachers” is immediately looked upon as loathsome and someone to be avoided at all costs.))   Any friends or family who voice their opposition to Mike Bickle/IHOP, need to be avoided at all costs.  “For your spiritual protection..”

They BLASPHEME GLORIOUS BEINGS. How many times have we heard about marvelous leaders “going up into the third heaven..” and “speaking directly” with God.. Let’s do one better than that. How about the “YOU CAN DO IT NOW” way of getting into INSTANT ACCESS with God – i.e. CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER. ***Never forget that ANY time someone was taken into the spirit realm, it was not by a decision on their part, but rather by the Spirit ONLY.

If only the people practicing contemplative prayer would have their eyes opened to the fact that it is not God they’re coming in contact with when they practice contemplative prayer.  If only they would realize it is a familiar spirit – a demon entity they’re speaking with when practicing that.

Being one who has been delivered from the deception of believing these lies, I can tell you it’s no easy thing to do, but ASK God to remove the blinders from your eyes.  Ask Him to really show you the deception and then allow Him to do that very thing.  I tell you the truth: Once the blinders have been removed and you truly see, you will fall on your face thanking Him for allowing you to see how close you came to getting burned.

I was at IHOP and FSM for about 3+ years…

This letter was sent to me by a dear sister in Christ yesterday and she gave me permission to share it.  I know others who have been torn apart by IHOP and this sister sums it up so well. 

I attended IHOP and FSM and was heavily involved for about 3+ years.

I started feeling really weird about some things that were being done and said there, so I took it to the Lord, as any “Berean” should. I started asking very genuine questions about where certain things were in scripture like deliverance ministry, false prophesies, manifestations, etc.  I wanted it to be explained to me because I didn’t quite understand. Most days I felt like an outsider because everyone but me was “getting it.”

I noticed that, when I started asking questions, that I had been “red flagged”.   What I mean is that I had particular people in leadership following me around.  I was moved out of my core group and into one with Sabrina Walsh  who was a former practicing witch and was also a leader at FSM.  I was to be “monitored”.  I began having strange dreams and getting attacked on almost a daily basis.

As I read more scripture, I also began to realize that much of what they were teaching and practicing was extremely unbiblical and even dangerous. We were constantly fasting and in the prayer room.  …After starting to eat more and going to the prayer room a little less, I felt my head start to clear up and I didn’t like what I was seeing.  Half-way through my third year of school I was brought into a room with several staff members (including Walsh) who accused me of many things that I hadn’t even come close to doing and they said something to the effect of:

“We know that you have father issues that need to be resolved (I didn’t) and we can tell that you are heavily oppressed by many demons.  However, we are incapable of this level of deliverance on someone. We just don’t have the time or the resources. So we are going to send you to this wonderful place in Toronto, Canada.  This rehabilitation facility is capable of handling your type of situation. We’ve sent many students there who have come back completely delivered.  We are going to send you there.  You cannot come back to IHOP or FSM until we have a written letter from them stating that you have been delivered.  In the current state you are in, you’re a danger to the other student’s growth and spiritual being.”

…To which I told them I would certainly go, but had no intention of actually going. I said I would go because I was very much afraid for my life and was afraid until I moved back home. After the meeting with them, I immediately called my Dad, who I’d been told not to talk to anymore because he said IHOP was a cult.  He booked the first flight to Kansas City.  At that time, my mom and I owned a home there and we had been helping students that went to FSM by providing rooms with low rent. I had an excellent relationship with each person in the house. Within two weeks of being pulled into the office ALL of my roommates – my friends –  moved out. When asked directly, they either had no response or told me that the school had told them it was an “unsafe environment”  because I and my mother “had a demon”.

I was absolutely crushed.  All I ever wanted was to know God and at the time I felt completely rejected by Him. I was severely messed up for about 2 1/2 years. 

I thank God for my Calvary Chapel pastor back home who spent every minute of those 2 years being there for me, speaking life over me, and bringing me back to the truth of the Word of God. I almost lost faith and hope many times. But God is so amazing…He spared my life and got me out of there.

I grieve for the people I love who are still stuck within the lies of IHOP and for the many who are recruited to IHOP daily. I pray for their souls and I pray for the truth to be made known to them. If ever there was an “antichrist spirit,” this is it.

I’ve kept all of my journals, notes, books, and materials from when I was there. When looking back on the things I wrote and the things I would say…it’s like I was a mindless drone who repeated everything I heard. It scares me to think that so many people are being decieved, so many families ripped apart…so many lives destroyed….and all in the name of “Jesus”.  God help us and God forgive those who tarnish and blaspheme Your name!


I want all the contemplative prayer is great people to go and check out this site.

I especially recommend that you see #2 as it is IDENTICAL to what you’ve all been saying about the wonders of contemplative prayer…

So you want to have an inner awareness of God within you, right?  So you want spiritual “energy”, right?  Yes, please check out that site.  I’d like you to come back here and tell me what the difference is between contemplative prayer and that.  That is, other than using the bible or the name of Jesus.