I want all the contemplative prayer is great people to go and check out this site.

I especially recommend that you see #2 as it is IDENTICAL to what you’ve all been saying about the wonders of contemplative prayer…

So you want to have an inner awareness of God within you, right?  So you want spiritual “energy”, right?  Yes, please check out that site.  I’d like you to come back here and tell me what the difference is between contemplative prayer and that.  That is, other than using the bible or the name of Jesus.


5 thoughts on “Contemplative-Transcendental-Prayer-Meditation”

  1. Sumit,

    If you mean you’re going to “try” CP, then you’re actually “trying” an occult practice (TM). Nowhere in scripture are we ever, ever, ever told to repeat a word or phrase over and over when praying. Nowhere in scripture are we ever told to control our breathing when we’re praying. In those aspects, CP does not “take the devotee forward”. Not at all.

  2. ANNUNK,

    Brian McLaren is now openly promoting Celtic Spirituality as can be verified by reading his May, 5th Blog.

    “Wild Goose Festival, June 23-26 – I hope you’ll come!

    Having been in the UK the last week and met so many friends whom I originally got to know through Greenbelt, I’m all the more enthusiastic about Wild Goose, coming up in North Carolina in just over a month.

    What’s Greenbelt? It’s a festival of faith, art, and justice, planned and led by a fascinating group of Christian leaders in the UK, held every August. (I’ll be speaking/hanging out there this year.)

    What’s Wild Goose? It’s a similar festival being planned by a similarly fascinating group of Christian leaders in the US. I’ll be speaking/hanging out there as well.)

    I hope you’ll consider being part of this first-ever Wild Goose festival. It can play an important role in the emergence of a new Christian ethos in our land.”

    “The Wild Goose is a Celtic metaphor for the Holy Spirit. We are followers of Jesus creating a festival of justice, spirituality, music and the arts. The festival is rooted in the Christian tradition and therefore open to all regardless of belief, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, denomination, or religious affiliation.

    In adopting the image of the Wild Goose we recognize that in the current climate of religious, social and political cynicism, embracing the creative and open nature of our faith is perhaps the greatest asset for re-building and strengthening our relationships with each other, with our enemies, with our stories, our texts, and the earth. In that spirit, in a festive setting, and in the context of meaningful, respectful, and sustained relationships, we invite you to create with us!”

    “And yes, I will be camping.”

    Among those scheduled to speak at this pagan Celtic gathering are Lynne Hybels (wife of Willow Creek pastor Bill Hybels), Jim Wallis (Sojourners), Jay Bakker (son of Jim & Tammy Bakker), Bart Campolo (son of Tony Campolo) and Frank Schaeffer (son of Frances Schaeffer.)

    It is also of interest to note that Brian McLaren has been invited too meet with Donald Trump and false teacher Paula White at Trump Tower in NYC on May 12th.

    May the Living Lord Jesus Christ guide us all in His truth in these final days.

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