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I’d never join a cult, I go to IHOP

FORMER IHOP Leadership

There are people who are now coming out of the woodwork, exposing IHOP’s heresies and how it has destroyed their families and/or has left them broken.  How do these people do know for sure? They are former IHOP interns AND LEADERS.  They’re family members of current IHOP interns. They’re a lot of different groups of people speaking the truth.

I recommend you visit this blog and read for yourself. 

Blessings to you~

There was a blog done by SadParent.  This parent’s son went to IHOP, became a teacher/leader and when SadParent voiced her concerns that “IHOP may be a cult”, this son cut off 100% of communication with her after speaking with older, wiser counsel …according to his final communique to her.  I know that she has endured 3 or 4 years of silence as a result of the IHOP cousel given to her son.  Who gave the counsel?  We may never know.  Question: What kind of “Christian” organization advises its followers to dishonor their parents?

She is not the only parent or family member who has “lost” a loved one to IHOP.  After reading the post I’ve listed above, I firmly believe that the IHOP walls are beginning to crumble.  And to God be the glory when they do!

AFA Supporting Contemplative Authors?

Last week, American Family Association offered me a marvelous offer!  Problem with this offer is that Max Lucado is very much into Contemplative (New Age) prayer.    Read on, please.

Resurrection – A story by Max Lucado. Only $8.99*Max Lucado’s renowned short

story is brought to life on DVD in this dramatic production that follows  Claudius,

a Roman guard who finds himself in the middle of a cover-up of the tumultuous

events following Christ’s execution. As he digs for the truth, Claudius discovers

 that the religious leaders, the Roman government, and even his closest friends are

 attempting to hide something from him and the world.In the end, his relentless

 pursuit of the answers to his growing questions threatens his reputation and even

 his life, but it also leads to his renewal.Recommended for ages 12 and over.

View the trailer, or

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 Dove Family-approved.
Resurrections earns 4 out of 5 Doves from the Dove Foundation.
Read about it here.

*plus shipping and handling.

So I felt the immediate need to write to AFA:

Dear AFA, I am SHOCKED that you are offering any Max Lucado paraphernalia. Max Lucado is HUGE into Contemplative prayer which, as you know, is NEW AGE Christianized TM.  Max Lucado was on the BE STILL DVD which also featured Beth Moore, Dallas Willard, Priscilla Shirer et al.   

I really wish AFA would do a little deeper research into the authors it promotes.  Unbelievable.   

I hope and pray that other believers will write into you as well


 It appears others have also written.

One week later, “Randy” from AFA wrote me asking for me to “provide sources of information for us to look at”.

So my reply was as follows:

Randy, check out the Be Still  DVD that I told you about (below).  The DVD looks great at the very beginning, talking about the need to get one-on-one with God, to have quality quiet time with Him etc. but during the last portion of the DVD it talks about HOW  to practice Contemplative Prayer. 

First, the person practicing it is told to get into a comfortable position – “not a counting sheep position”.

Then you’re to take a scripture or phrase from the Bible and with your eyes closed, repeat it over and over.

During this, you’re to slow  your breathing.  To practice this properly, you’re to control  your breathing by slowing it.

This directed “prayer time” should take about 20 or so minutes… 

The instructions then include a time for “coming out” of the quiet, contemplative prayer.

 What it is actually giving directions for is nothing but TM.  You can ask any TM practitioner about the methodology for self-induced hypnosis via TM – they’re absolutely identical minus of course the need for repeating scripture. 

In addition to the speakers I’ve noted, they all give example after example of different Catholic mystics who have “accomplished great wonders via their contemplative prayer over the centuries”. 

Randy, I still have the DVD at home.  If you’ll give me your address as well as your promise to return it, I’ll be more than happy to send it to you.  The reason I got it in the first place was so that I could share it with my friends and pastor.  Acting as a Berean is never a fun thing to do, but we’re called to warn our brothers and sisters in Christ – wouldn’t you agree?

Sincerely….  and..I am still waiting for AFA’s response so updates will follow…

Christian, are you being deceived?

I’ve learned that since prior to my becoming a believer in 1981, there’s been a growing, ungodly secular media, particularly in motion pictures, television, toys, games, and a vast array of other problems that contribute to Christians living no differently than the rest of the world.  The mass media have impacted the Body of Christ as much as they have the rest of society.  

Many Christians are so ‘dependent’ on the media that they aren’t even aware of how lukewarm they have become. There are so many testimonies from believers who say they have become aware of the effect the media has had on their thinking, and are now more selective in their choices. But the problem of ungodliness is not exclusive to the secular media.

 One of the major concerns I have is regarding the “religious” media which presents messages contrary to God’s Word. It has escaped the understanding of many Christians, even firmly grounded Christians, that what they believe is more often shaped by the teachings and traditions of religious men and women than by Scripture.   

Take this example: How many times have we taken it for granted that a particular speaker and/or author is A.O.K. because our good friend or pastor said they were?!  So we go out and buy their books or CD’s, and from that point on, just take it for granted that whatever comes out of their mouth must have God’s stamp of approval on it – right? 

Never forget that the wisdom of the world is no substitute for God’s Word, even if offered from the pulpit or in the Christian media. Just because someone has a really popular book selling at the Christian book store, it does not automatically guarantee that God’s blessing is on it.  Why else would Jesus warn us of the deception that would occur in the last days prior to His return?

Jesus warns us in Matthew 24:12 that in the last days the love of many toward Him would grow cold because evil would increase in the world. There is little time to waste in the short span of life granted us by God. We each must choose today whom we will serve.  I stand as a Berean (on the wall so-to-speak) shouting, “Shark! Shark! Everyone out of the water!”  My personal areas of study have gravitated in the direction of exposing the false brethren due to New Age teachings infiltrating the church and I do try to accomplish this daily.   

Didn’t Jesus himself tell us that if it were possible, it would deceive even the very elect?  I live and breathe each day in the anticipation that one day I will hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” 

Tony Campolo is well known on the East coast.  He and I have written back and forth several times.  He acknowledges the fact that his Contemplative (Centering) prayer “is synonymous with Transcendental meditation” but Tony also says, “I do it, sure, but I communicate with Jesus when I do it!”  You tell me: Where is TM in the Bible?   

I have Beth Moore on a Contemplative prayer CD saying she’s “unable to effectively touch God without praying Contemplatively”?  And on this same CD, we’re told that “to do it, you must control your breathing – in and out, in and out slowly..allowing your mind to enter a state of “nothingness” or a “mental void”.”   You tell me: Where is this in the Bible?

Christians, all of us, ask yourself daily, “Am I listening to Your voice, Lord? Am I truly following You?”  We need to always remember that we too, as being God’s elect, could also be deceived…if it were possible. 

Stay connected to His Word. Books, CD’s, teachers and experiences are there…but stay connected to His Word always asking Him, “Lord, is what I’m hearing in Your Word?”

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.