Christian, are you being deceived?

I’ve learned that since prior to my becoming a believer in 1981, there’s been a growing, ungodly secular media, particularly in motion pictures, television, toys, games, and a vast array of other problems that contribute to Christians living no differently than the rest of the world.  The mass media have impacted the Body of Christ as much as they have the rest of society.  

Many Christians are so ‘dependent’ on the media that they aren’t even aware of how lukewarm they have become. There are so many testimonies from believers who say they have become aware of the effect the media has had on their thinking, and are now more selective in their choices. But the problem of ungodliness is not exclusive to the secular media.

 One of the major concerns I have is regarding the “religious” media which presents messages contrary to God’s Word. It has escaped the understanding of many Christians, even firmly grounded Christians, that what they believe is more often shaped by the teachings and traditions of religious men and women than by Scripture.   

Take this example: How many times have we taken it for granted that a particular speaker and/or author is A.O.K. because our good friend or pastor said they were?!  So we go out and buy their books or CD’s, and from that point on, just take it for granted that whatever comes out of their mouth must have God’s stamp of approval on it – right? 

Never forget that the wisdom of the world is no substitute for God’s Word, even if offered from the pulpit or in the Christian media. Just because someone has a really popular book selling at the Christian book store, it does not automatically guarantee that God’s blessing is on it.  Why else would Jesus warn us of the deception that would occur in the last days prior to His return?

Jesus warns us in Matthew 24:12 that in the last days the love of many toward Him would grow cold because evil would increase in the world. There is little time to waste in the short span of life granted us by God. We each must choose today whom we will serve.  I stand as a Berean (on the wall so-to-speak) shouting, “Shark! Shark! Everyone out of the water!”  My personal areas of study have gravitated in the direction of exposing the false brethren due to New Age teachings infiltrating the church and I do try to accomplish this daily.   

Didn’t Jesus himself tell us that if it were possible, it would deceive even the very elect?  I live and breathe each day in the anticipation that one day I will hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” 

Tony Campolo is well known on the East coast.  He and I have written back and forth several times.  He acknowledges the fact that his Contemplative (Centering) prayer “is synonymous with Transcendental meditation” but Tony also says, “I do it, sure, but I communicate with Jesus when I do it!”  You tell me: Where is TM in the Bible?   

I have Beth Moore on a Contemplative prayer CD saying she’s “unable to effectively touch God without praying Contemplatively”?  And on this same CD, we’re told that “to do it, you must control your breathing – in and out, in and out slowly..allowing your mind to enter a state of “nothingness” or a “mental void”.”   You tell me: Where is this in the Bible?

Christians, all of us, ask yourself daily, “Am I listening to Your voice, Lord? Am I truly following You?”  We need to always remember that we too, as being God’s elect, could also be deceived…if it were possible. 

Stay connected to His Word. Books, CD’s, teachers and experiences are there…but stay connected to His Word always asking Him, “Lord, is what I’m hearing in Your Word?”

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.


10 thoughts on “Christian, are you being deceived?”

  1. Many of these teachers would be out of business if Christians would only check their teachings against the Word of God – be good Bereans!

    I have many postings on my blog about Moore’s false teachings, and I also have a couple posts about Campolo – and in ways he is even worse than Moore!

  2. I don’t know about you guys, but here lately, (and I’m talking about professing Christians), it seems like we’re seeing a more pronounced grouping of wheat and tares….

  3. I think so too, because the emergent, new age and such is often so very subtle that people are easily caught up in it. Even the IHOP-type stuff can be seen to taste good because it feels good, but the poison in it is deadly.

  4. Glenn,
    The saddest part is that the people at IHOP, the interns, the leaders, the ones who are there “because of wanting to truly worship Jesus” are the same ones who are totally deceived. I mean they totally love the Lord Jesus. But it’s not Him they’re worshiping when they practice CP.

    If only they would realize that contemplative is an occult practice – they’d be out the door.

  5. Ah, I see you missed that Ros wanted that as private communication with you. Seems the comments are about my responses to personal e-mails. Believing in prophetic words and modern-day apostles is what leads people to the likes of IHOP! When you start with an unbiblical premise, no matter where you go you will be looking for that which matches your beliefs, and if what you find is farther out than what you expected – don’t blame the cult or false teaching as much as you should blame yourself for your lack of discernment in your foundational belief.

  6. Re; Tony Campolo-
    He acknowledges the fact that his Contemplative (Centering) prayer “is synonymous with Transcendental meditation” but Tony also says, “I do it, sure, but I communicate with Jesus when I do it!”
    It is indeed a strong delusion. A church I attended years ago called this “The Cart of the Philistines” Basically, God said to carry the ark with poles on the shoulders of the priests, but they put it on a cart. The Israelites then left it on the cart. This is man using his own or the world’s methods and practices, ignoring the Word of God, then calling it ‘valid’.
    -Chad Golani

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