FORMER IHOP Leadership

There are people who are now coming out of the woodwork, exposing IHOP’s heresies and how it has destroyed their families and/or has left them broken.  How do these people do know for sure? They are former IHOP interns AND LEADERS.  They’re family members of current IHOP interns. They’re a lot of different groups of people speaking the truth.

I recommend you visit this blog and read for yourself. 

Blessings to you~

There was a blog done by SadParent.  This parent’s son went to IHOP, became a teacher/leader and when SadParent voiced her concerns that “IHOP may be a cult”, this son cut off 100% of communication with her after speaking with older, wiser counsel …according to his final communique to her.  I know that she has endured 3 or 4 years of silence as a result of the IHOP cousel given to her son.  Who gave the counsel?  We may never know.  Question: What kind of “Christian” organization advises its followers to dishonor their parents?

She is not the only parent or family member who has “lost” a loved one to IHOP.  After reading the post I’ve listed above, I firmly believe that the IHOP walls are beginning to crumble.  And to God be the glory when they do!


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I have seen too many believers in Christ falling into the trap of practicing "Christianized New Age" and still calling it holy. Contemplative prayer is nothing more ( or less) than TM. Totally unscriptural. I encourage anyone who's interested in knowing the truth of God's word to dig in daily and SEARCH - be like the Bereans - FIND OUT if the teachings, messages, books you've read or radio speakers you've heard are dissecting God's word correctly. If they're not, throw out what you've heard. Trash it. God demands we STUDY to show ourselves approved. BE a Berean. Acts 17: 10-11

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11 thoughts on “FORMER IHOP Leadership”

  1. I just want to tell you that everything negative that everyone recently has mentioned and even past is true. I have been part of the internships at IHOP for over 3 years and I do thank God that my family got me out of there.
    I was not part of the leadership but saw enough to know that there is something wrong with them. I also know that many of the pastors in the area have just had it with Bickle. I went to several churches in the area since I was not getting the Cross message at IHOP it was all about Bob Jones, prophecy and dreams and what they felt the dreams meant and their interpertation of the bible. It was all foolishness

    I paid alot of money a total of over 18 thousand dollars to that place along with all my tithing….everytime I made some money I would be told to give it away or I would run into classmates that need the money since they had no food. I lived in one of their apartment with 2 bedrooms with 6 adults it was just wrong but I had to I was really not encouraged to be part of the program and live on my own.

    If you do particular programs you have to live on site. All of it was very controling. Lou Engle is just out there and wacked. I tink there is something seriously wrong with him and everyone that adores him and follows him they don’t even think for themselves they just do what he does. I knew that from the start so I tried to stay away from him, but it is hard since he often preaches. When the awakening happened it was odd too, I think most people knew people were faking it, I even did sometimes since they put the pressure on some of us that we had to feel something.

    Alot of mind control, not that you had to do something or they would kill you but they would alient you and make you feel like you were s***. Very clicky, Not sure if that is how you spell it but so not Jesus at all. I see all that now being in a healthy church and real community. That is another thing no real community in that place. It is like they are all glassy eyed. I was too, just like zombies following eachother round and round and not growing in Christ at all from glory to glory.

    Lots of money goes into that place thousands and I think probably millions but the kids (us) never saw it and we had to always beg for support. I have been on a mission trip to Africa since returning home and that was like night and day. The mission trips I was on through IHOP was nothing like I was on recently. We were building huts and really slept in the wilderness and were real missionaries at IHOP many even stayed at peoples homes or motels, I did as well everything we needed was provided – nothing like real missions work. Just stupid. I never could see asking for money to pray. I pray more now than I did then and I can’t imagine asking anyone to give me money or support so I can pray, Anna never did that. Why should we. Now I see clearly but I thank my parents for having their heads on straight and pulling me out before it really screwed me up. I challenge anyone that thinks they are not a cult to remove themselves from IHOP for 6 months totally and seek God and His word. He will show you the truth the questions is are you willing to seek the truth?

  2. Keep sharing your testimony, Laura. There’s plenty of people still in IHOP whose eyes are still clouded over with deception.

  3. Laura/Annunk:
    p.s. That’s what broke the religious cycle for me, one was care-giving for a year and couldn’t go anywhere and it broke that religiosity cycle and realized that there was nothing to miss about the false church and all it’s abuse. Religious addiction horrific to come out of.

    God had me meeting people who haven’t been in church for years, couldn’t comprehend or fathom that but now understand=they’re in a good place. Study it, Revelations: it says that the church is the whore riding the beast and to come out of her=research that one.
    James Lloyd, Christian Media Network? might have that in his teachings also; he’s calling men liars that need to be called liars=finally! Numbers 6:24-26.

  4. Ihop has become an Idol to many there.They only receive the prophets that sit at their table.why,because she refused to repent.

  5. I’m very aware of that. There are a lot of people attending IHOP who have made it “the” place to be. And along those lines, if you’re not at IHOP, you must, therefore, be missing the Lord. I know of several who have left IHOP only to realize that a while later after the smoke cleared and their eyes were opened.

  6. Laura, it’s very telling that you paid over $18,000 to IHOP, I am sure you remember Mike (and others) at offering time telling the visitors how their giving would “help fund the prayer movement” “support all the little Annas” and “free up the intercessory ‘missionaries'” etc I remember all of the staff glancing at one another or rolling our eyes, since we knew not one of us except the leadership team would see a penny of it. But then again even the leadership had to ‘develop partners’ or write books to make money. Of course, it is an official IHOP ministry expense for all the travel they do. I have always wondered where all the money is going to. Another thing is when you have a ‘partner’ that wants to give you money, the checks had to be written to IHOP, not to you personally, additionally people were told not to write the ‘misionary’s’ name on the memo line, but rather put it in an envelope with our name on the outside, so we would get our support checks from IHOP marked ‘missionary expense’. Since IHOP is a 501 c3 corporation, this is actually illegal according to IRS rules. The purpose is, that if you look at IHOP’s books*, it ‘looks’ like they are supporting the staffers, which they are NOT doing.
    * I say this facetiously since no one has looked at them and there is no independent accountability agency they subscibe too. So there is no transparency.
    Thank God you were snatched out of there.
    -Chad Golani

  7. Hey guys… I did an internship at Ihop in 2005. And then I left and am in full time ministry now. I have been back down every year for the onething conference, and have brought people with me. I don’t think it as dangerous as everyone here is saying, though I dont disagree with you completely.

    In my time at IHOP, my love for the word grew, my prayer life grew, my love for others grew, and my passion for Jesus and His Church grew. I can relate to alot of points mentioned however. I did see people cut ties with their families, it was sad! I did see those who thought if they were not in the prayer room feeling like they were in sin. I did see people being over dramatic and acting out of order, and I did not see many shepards in IHOP, who took on the role of pastoring. These were all flaws that were quite evident. All of which needed to be fixed, and in many cases still need to be fixed. I personally beleive there is still alot of good ihop offers, if people are sheparded correctly. (Like many areas in Christian study, if you are young and overdramatic, you can lock onto the wrong parts… i.e. spirtual warfare just one example if there is no shepard). I think with good sheparding there would be far less negative fall out. Not all leaders agree with the way interns handle their family lives or over dramaticly respond to scripture… I know this for a fact. Some of these action by interns are being attributed to leadership, and it is not always true.

    There is some level of passion for prayer and scripture and encountering God at IHOP, that I have not found in much of the local church, and I am longing for others to spring up and get the things IHOP got wrong right, and the things IHOP got right, included into their ministries before they outright go on a war path against IHOP. Sorry for this jumbled mess of words, I was searching other things when I stumbled upon this. Please know I am not trying to defend IHOP completly. As I mentioned there is alot wrong, but I also want to extend some levels of grace to what some I feel have simply misunderstood. Especially to those that have not been there, or have only been there with a judgemental eye…. I dont think you have the whole picture. Thats all. I love that from what I have read, most here are commited to Jesus and His word, and I affirm that! Blessings on you guys, and prayers for healing on those who have been hurt.

  8. Richbeast, you have agape love and I agree with you.

    My biggest concern is for the kids who don’t examine the teachings they’ve heard against God’s word. Who don’t do a double-check to make sure the teaching is right on with scripture. That goes not just for IHOP, but for the entire body of Christ on that matter.

    Before computers, that task wasn’t so easy, but now you can Google any teacher or teaching in about 2 seconds. You can pretty easily find out whether or not a teaching lines up with God’s word. Where the real problem lies is when a person decides, “This teacher/author/speaker was right on” and then from that point on, they take anything that comes out of the man (or woman’s) mouth as GOSPEL TRUTH. That’s where the enemy gets his foot in the door.

    I encourage you to be the Berean where you minister. I always remember Gal. 1: 6-8 which discusses those who pervert the gospel of Christ. IHOP does agree with basic Christian theology, it’s the “extra” stuff, “the IHOP doctrine” (contemplative prayer, Joel’s Army etc.) that causes me to not support them.

  9. I too was in the children of god and they spoke in tongues, shared everything amongist one another and spoke the word….it scares me to think this is happening in the kc area and they always go after the youth-God bless their innocence- whether it is a cult or not BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO PUT ALL YOUR FAITH IN ONE ORG. Get your own relationship with God and read the word. Just look at Jesus teaching and follow him and you will never be led astray. Stay humble and remember it is by grace we are saved thru faith,a gift of God lest any man should boast. Be childlike in your faith and know works do not get u into heaven. I pray for all of u searching and God will guide your path.

  10. And Cindy, be let me add to what you said, BE like the Bereans who search the Scriptures daily to find out whether (what they’d heard) was so. Acts 17:11.

    It’s not just at IHOP but even mainline churches — taking whatever they hear from the pulpit (or read in a book) and counting it for righteousness when it’s not. IHOP preys upon young people. Mike Bickle, I think, has a god-complex. Think about it — you’re the leader of a large group of “followers” which are actually borderline groupies. In their eyes, YOU CAN DO NO WRONG. Kinda makes a guy feel a tad on the powerful side, ya know?

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