Contemplative – What does it mean?

Some Contemplative Terms and What they Mean
For Christians who say they’ve never even heard of “contemplative”. here you go.

In order to help others who might be involved with some form of mysticism, it
is important to be aware of these terms and understand their basic meanings:

Altered State of Consciousness
A meditative or drug
induced non-ordinary state of mind.

Ancient Wisdom
The supposed laws of the Universe that,
when mastered, enable one to see one’s own divinity–another word for metaphysics
or occultism.

Aquarius/Aquarian Age
Sign of the Zodiac represented by
the water carrier, Earth Age, associated with this astrological sign. The term
New Age refers to the coming Aquarian age which is in the process of replacing
the Pisces age. According to astrologers, every 2,000 years constitutes an age.
New Agers predict this Aquarian age will be a time of utopia.

Biblical Meditation or

A normal thinking process of reflecting on the things
of God and biblical precepts.

Centering/Centering Prayer
Another term for contemplative
meditation (going deep within your center). A type of meditation being promoted
in many mainline churches under the guise of prayer.

Believed by New Agers to be the seven energy
centers in man which open up during the kundalini effect in meditation.

Christ consciousness
Taught by New Agers to be the state
of awareness, reached in meditation, in which one realizes that one is divine
and one with God and thereby becoming a Christ or an enlightened being.

Contemplative Prayer
Going beyond thought by the use of
repeated words or phrases.

Creative Visualization
Imaging in the mind, during
meditation, what you want to occur and then expecting it to happen. In simple
terms, you are creating your own reality.

Desert Fathers Monks who lived as hermits beginning around
the third century who first taught the practice of contemplative prayer.

Ecstasy (or Bliss)
The hoped for outcome of contemplative
prayer or mediation

False Self
The false self is the ego or personality that
is observable by others. One rids oneself of the false self to find the true
self through mantra-meditation. New Agers would consider people like Buddha,
Gandhi, and even Jesus Christ as examples of people who found their true

Higher Self
Supposed God-self within that New Agers seek
to connect with through meditation. Also called the Christ-self or

The view that all the world’s religions
are identical at the mystical level and therefore there should be solidarity
among them.

Jesus Prayer
A popular version of this prayer is Lord
Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner, often abbreviated to

Powerful energy that is brought on through
meditation, associated with the Chakras.

Lectio Divina
Means sacred reading. In today’s
contemplative movement, it often involves taking a single word or small phrase
from Scripture and repeating the words over and over again.

Word or words repeated either silently or verbally
to induce an altered state of consciousness.

Meditation is practiced by all major world
religions and is often described as an essential discipline for spiritual
growth. Yet, like mysticism, there is great diversity in the practice of
meditation. While some see mediation as simply spending time thinking quietly
about life or about God, others use meditation techniques to experience altered
states of consciousness that allow them to have esoteric experiences. In
addition, meditation is promoted in secular society for the personal benefits of
health, relaxation, and improved productivity.

Beyond the physical realm or pertaining to
the supernatural.

A direct experience of the supernatural

New Age
The Age of Aquarius, supposedly the Golden Age,
when man becomes aware of his power and divinity.

New Thought
A movement that tries to merge classic occult
concepts with Christian terminology.

Kept secret or hidden; the practice of
metaphysics throughout history.

God is all things. The universe and all life
are connected in a sum. This sum is the total reality of God. Thus, man,
animals, plants, and all physical matter are seen as equal. The assumption – all
is one, therefore all is deity.

God is in all things. In panentheism God is
both personal and is also in all of creation. It is a universal view that
believes God is in all people and that someday all of God’s creation will be
saved and be one with Him.

Spiritual energy that is channeled by one attuned
to the Reiki power. Literally translated God energy.

Sacred Space
Either a physical spot where one goes to
engage in a mystical practice or the actual silence or the state of being during
the mystical experience.

Spiritual Formation
The teaching and application of the
spiritual disciplines; a vehicle for contemplative prayer

The silence
Absence of normal thought.

Spiritual Director
One who promotes or trains people in
the spiritual disciplines including the silence.

The belief that all humanity has or will
ultimately have a positive connection and relationship with God.

Thanks to A Time of Departing


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