How does that ‘anointing’ thing go?

I recently joined the music ministry at my new church as pianist. The first time I played with the group I thought, “Why am I having so much trouble with this music?” But I kept playing.  OK so then Sunday’s service finally gets here and while I’m playing along, I notice that the three song leaders are acting MUCH less reserved than did they at practice.  Actually, to be more specific, they’re jumping up and down, and one of them has now crumpled to the floor.
(At this point, I’m chalking it up to my age being so much greater than theirs.)
But then they’re singing the same song over and over and over.  We’re not talking repeat the verse and chorus – no, no.  They’re having these people sing a chorus 15 and 20 times over and I notice the congretation is not getting into it quite like they are… Actually, about 2/3 of them have now sat down and are reading their bibles or just staring.  The other 1/3 is standing up still, but I don’t see anyone falling under the anointing…and when it finished, there was almost a “rush to sit”.
*Note: This is not a hyper-charismatic church I attend, but it’s also not a “dead denominational” church.  It’s alive and there are people who come to worship Jesus inside its walls, who leave wanting to share the gift they’ve received.
OK, Service finally ends and I walk away feeling like I just took part in something that shouldn’t have happened in a sanctuary.  I couldn’t quite pin it down “what exactly was wrong” but oh well.
The next week comes along, I get my “list for Sunday” emailed to me and I’m running into the same problem with these songs as did I for the last batch.  (They’re not clicking at all.)  Then I go thru the list of these songs and start looking at the their composers.  I didn’t recognize the first few names but did note that they were all written at Bethel in Redding, CA.  Then I see the words, “…house of prayer”, and next to those words, Misty Edwards’ name.  (This would be IHOP Kansas City’s Misty Edwards.)
NOW I know why the music wasn’t “clicking”.  The team was trying to get something (very fleshy) worked up during the singing.  Something …contemplative… It wouldn’t “click” because God wasn’t in it.
You cannot “cause” God to show up by anything “you” do.  YOU cannot work up an anointing.  YOU can work something up, for sure! But it’s the anointing that breaks the yolk and anything seperate from a Spirit-initiated anointing is just flesh trying to get that “feel good” going.  Besides that, the highly repetitiveness of singing the choruses is actually another branch off of contemplative prayer.  It literally takes a person into a state of self-induced hypnosis (whether they want to admit it or not).  It’s playing with the supernatural and those aren’t “heavenly beings” you’re communing with.

6 thoughts on “How does that ‘anointing’ thing go?”

  1. There is truly much too much of this sort of thing going on. Too many people think the more emotional one gets, the more able they are to get in touch with “God”. Is this really any different than the Mormons and their “burning in the bosom”?

  2. This is demonic, I grew up in a dangerous religious environment connected to Mike Bickle in the 80’s I was just a kid ,but the deception stuck with me. In 1989 why family ,friends and church were destroyed in weeks. At the time I didnt know why but its all to clear now. Ive had the misfortune of attending IHOP in 2003 not recognizing Bickle. I was turned off immediately. For the past few years I have put the pieces together. It all makes sense now. While I read through many blogs about this I realize most people are just arguing scripture and defending their beliefs, lets not forget no matter how right it is, a belief in something unseen is by definition irrational. The points made in most of these blogs are interesting, but if its not obvious to someone that IHOP is a cult there is not much hope. To save these poor young people from a life of bad decisions is to dismantle the very church they believe in. IHOP has become victim to Bickle’s greed and his growing impatience with god. He is trying to force the sky open. The concern I have is very extreme ,but I have spent most of my life putting these pieces together. IHOP needs to be ended, no more excuses,why? Bickle will do anything to keep his new status in the top 1%, Money is his God ,politics is on his back-burner until the right people come into power in the U.S. He is capable of uniting his cult with the cult of Mormonism and bringing jihad to our shores. Who will survive a nuclear war and then own the world able to fulfill the vision of the Illuminati ,the new world order? The 1%
    . Lets stop comparing scripture and start protesting. the hacktivist group Anonymous would be a great ally in this. A movement to stop IHOP is emerging on Facebook “stop ihop cult” I can be found on twitter @shawn35null

  3. Never went there. Family member went, however, and I’ve been thru everything since then-including being DISowned for quite some time for “daring” to disagree with IHOP doctrine and Mike Bickle. On that note, “doctrine” is a word that they hate but that’s what it is – DOCTRINE. And it is, portions of it, occult teachings. My biggest complaint is about contemplative prayer. That is very occult. How TM ever made it into the church just amazes me.

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