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A Warning from God

They have envisioned futility and false divination, saying, ‘Thus says the  Lord!’ But the Lord has not sent them; yet they hope that the word may be confirmed. Have you not seen a futile vision, and have you not spoken false divination? You say, ‘The Lord says,’ but I have not spoken.” Therefore thus says the Lord God: “Because you have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies, therefore I  am  indeed against you,” says the Lord God. (Ezekiel 13:6-8 NKJV)

The modern day ‘prophets’ take The Lord very lightly in saying their prophecies “don’t need to be 100% correct”.  Oh really?!!  I’m always amazed when people take our Holy God and make Him to be the same level as man.

“…yet they HOPE the word may be confirmed…”  Doesn’t that happen in many various places today and not just at IHOP? Heads up, brothers and sisters!  Don’t make light of God’s Word.  He plainly says, “Because you have spoken NONSENSE and envisioned LIES, therefore I am indeed AGAINST you.”

Bearing that in mind, do you really want to sit under a leader who tells you that “growing in the prophetic” is good? And prophecies don’t “HAVE to be 100% accurate to be from The Lord”?

Side note: I’ve always wondered where “Growing in the prophetic” is in God’s word..

The next time you hear a prophetic word, ask that person what GOD says about it – the word THEY have said, should it FAIL to come to pass.  If they tell you that ‘prophecy’ they’ve given ‘doesn’t need to be 100% accurate’, share Ezekiel 18 with them.  If they still say it doesn’t need to be 100% correct, run, don’t walk, away from them.  They’ve made themselves ‘bigger than God’ in their own eyes and He really looks down on that

NY Times Looking for Info on Deaton Murder / IHOP

From Truthspeaker’s Weblog

NY Times Looking for Info on Deaton Murder / IHOP

by truthspeaker

This was a recent comment.  Anyone who wishes to contact the reporter her info is below.  Thanks!

Hi All, greetings to you. I am a national correspondent at the New York Times. I’m trying to understand as much as I can both the Bethany Deaton case and the group led by Tyler Deaton for a story. I’d be very interested in talking to anyone who has information about Tyler’s group or his involvement — or the involvement of other group members — with IHOP (also, I’d love to hear all sides of the debate that’s taking place on this blog). I’m in Kansas City at the moment and could meet with anyone who was willing to talk to me or talk by phone. You can reach me or call me at 916-952-9031. Thanks very much. Erica Goode

Bridal Paradigm and Bethany Deaton


“We deny, we refuse, all sensual overtones in proclaiming Jesus as the Bridegroom. Jesus is not our lover or boyfriend. We do not go on “dates” with Jesus. Receiving the “kiss of God’s Word” (Song 1:2) has nothing to do with physically kissing God. Neither the spiritual interpretation of the Song of Solomon nor references to “the romance of the gospel” have anything to do with sensuality, but with the adventuresome love that is filled with a spirit of abandonment that sacrificially loves and obeys Jesus. An example of this is seen when Paul and Silas sang songs of love to Jesus after being beaten and thrown into prison (Acts 16:22–26).” [Italics mine]

IHOP knows how to post the “right stuff” regarding their beliefs but fails to really get this point across to some of its interns AND its song leaders..

From one of the Brownsville services, according to a former intern: The chorus to one of the songs went, “Let’s make love to the Lord”..

Guys, I want to tell you that yes, the Bible does refer to “the bride of Christ” and Song of Solomon does discuss a deep, deep love between a bride and groom – and yes, that is a picture of Jesus, the Groom and the bride of Christ.  But at NO time are we to think of that as a relationship INDIVIDUALLY with Jesus.  The “relationship” is between “THE ENTIRE BRIDE” of Christ and The Lord. Not between “Amber and The Lord” or “Katelyn and The Lord” for example.

For the past several years I’ve read post after post of young female interns having “wedding ceremonies with Jesus”, and have read post after post with sexual undertones noted from these same girls.  AT THE SAME TIME, I’ve read post after post and listened to interns, defending IHOP, saying that “some people get off track and do stuff IHOP doesn’t promote”, but again, what about that “make love to Jesus” chorus?

What about Tyler Deaton?  What is it that caused him to feel so comfortable being in IHOP leadership?  IHOP is saying “the guy wasn’t part of us.  He was marching to the beat of his own drummer so-to-speak”, but that was only after they changed their November 4th post taking his name off the leadership roster.  (Yes, someone outside of IHOP kept a record of what IHOP had listed ONLINE at its public website.)

Something gave Tyler a sense of “I belong here” and something caused him to feel like he was acting right along the lines of what he’d learned.  IHOP has gone out of its way to cover itself on this one.  (Little Jeremiah Candler’s death wasn’t a big deal at all compared to this one.  But THIS ONE really hits way too close to home.)

Tyler Deaton hasn’t even been arrested to date. Amazing. You’d think IHOP would be DEMANDING he be arrested so they could “clear their good name”…  Now THAT’S something to consider!

Final point: IHOP’s disclaimer (1st paragraph) says that Paul and Silas were “singing songs of love to Jesus” — ACTUALLY, Acts 16: 25 says ‘But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.’

NOTE: A HYMN is a religious song or poem; verb: to praise or celebrate something.  To praise, glorify or, worship in or as in a hymn.  Webster’s online dictionary.

See how scripture is CHANGED or twisted when words are changed ever so slightly?  And see how an institution can have these “terrible offshoots” when it’s members and its leadership fail to be Bereans?  Acts 17: 10-11

IHOP Update: Dark and Sinister

Bethany Deaton: Woman Raped, Murdered by Christian Cult

The story of Bethany Deaton is horrifying and heartbreaking, but it also reveals the abhorrent actions of a

Kansas City, Missouri. Front of the Internatio...
Kansas City, Missouri. Front of the International House of Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dangerous religious cult right in the American heartland. The International House of Prayer, which was founded in the 1990s, is in the news regarding the death of the 27-year-old woman and it’s not in a positive manner. You see, the woman was murdered, but the murderer tried to make it look like a suicide. When he was caught he allegedly admitted that she was killed to hide the multiple sexual assaults she had been victim of within the religious community headed by her own husband. Indeed it seems that IHOP is far more than a kooky religious sect in Missouri. It’s something dark and sinister. Will this high profile murder bring to light other dark secrets within the walls of this Christian cult? Only time will tell.
Bethany Deaton won’t ever be able to testify about what happened to her, so it appears that whomever called out the orders to have her killed was successful in that aspect. She had reportedly been the victim of multiple sexual assaults, bringing the IHOP to light as a sort of Christian “sex cult” — which is absolutely horrific sounding. If these brutal practices are being exercised in this church then there is truly no telling what other sexual taboos are being explored.
It’s fortunate that the International House of Prayer is being investigated, but frightening to find out that the woman’s husband Tyler Deaton is the leader of the community cult and is also now a suspect. It’s been alleged that the man may have been the one who ordered his wife’s murder after she was raped by members of the church.  See the below articles for more information on this case. It’s stories like this one that make me absolutely ecstatic that I couldn’t ever get involved in a religious cult. You never hear about atheist cult rapes and murders in the news like this — and there’s a reason for that.

Kansas City Star Article

An IHOP Horror Story (Another one)

Found another post from a former IHOP intern I thought was worth sharing in light of Bethany Deaton’s death.  I am aware of parents who have contacted me, reporting that they have experienced portions of what this person reports.  You decide – should this be something that’s investigated just a little deeper, before someone else gets hurt?

International House of Prayer IHOP Forerunner School of Ministry **DANGEROUS CULT ** Kansas city, Missouri

International House of Prayer is known all throughout the nation as one of the most popular and most dangerous Christian cults.  I know from my own experience attending the Forerunner School of Ministry, and also by MANY others’ experiences.  GOOGLE this on the web, there is a plethora of young people who have shared their dangerous experiences there.
There are those who anonymously blog about the brainwashing that takes place at this cult because they are afraid for their lives!  So so many of us who naively attended this cult began to question the brainwashing after we were there.  What the leadership do, when they find out, is tell your roommates to all leave you so that you cannot afford your apartment.  This happened to literally HUNDREDS of us and you can read all about it on the web.
After they make your roommates move out, they will tell you that they are going to “ship you off” to Canada where the “blessing” is.  They tell you NOT to tell your parents where you are going or anything about it and they tell you to completely dissassociate from your family and parents!  I have literally first-hand been through all of this and I have also heard many many stories of those who went through this EXACT same thing.
It is normal “protocol” for the leadership to do this to anyone who for a moment is skeptical and concerned about the brainwashing that goes on here.  They demand that you separate from the outside world, family and friends and they brainwash you by forcing you to spend almost all of your time in their program, classes, and “24/7 House of Prayer”.  You will no longer be able to think for yourself or reason, you will not be able to think clearly and will lose complete touch with reality.
They drained me of all the money I had spent years saving up for, only to tell my roommates to leave me and forced me to go secretly to Canada without telling any of my family back home.  I refused to do this, and at that point my parents became greatly concerned and got me out of there as fast as they could.  Because of the brainwashing and the antidepressents that they forced me to take (even though I complained to them that I was allergic to these pills and they were making me depressed and anxious to an unbearable point) I fell into a very deep depression with the brainwashing and these crazy pills they made me take, and became suicidal to the point where I was no longer able to function as a person and almost starved to death out of sheer deep depression and medication that I was allergic to.  I am 5’7″ and only weighed one hundred pounds.  I was no longer functional and almost to the point of death when my dad rescued me from that horrible cult.
I was always a healthy and happy person, within reason, both before and after I had gone to that place.  That cult messed me up so bad and brainwashed me to the point that I still, five years later, struggle with being able to tell reality from brainwashing and I still struggle with living a normal productive life.  If you want to destroy your child for the rest of his or her life, send them to that awful place.  Listen to all of the articles and reviews, as well as a New York Times article written about the place causing concern.  They did not even scratch the surface in that article!  DO YOUR RESEARCH first before ever stepping foot in that cult!
I would like everyone who comes across this and has been brainwashed, almost to the point of death, as I have to write your horror stories so people can be warned.  I would also like for us to gang together and file a huge lawsuit against this cult.  It destroyed me and ruined my life, as well as hundreds of others who have been able to somehow come out of this brainwashing.  This place literally almost killed me and I am so thankful to my dad for rescuing me when he did because I was at the point of near death.  The government NEEDS to intercede! They will not because of political games played but they should.

IHOP hopes you don’t know a thing about that praying elephant in the room

From Truthspeaker:

By MARY SANCHEZ The Kansas City Star

Certainly there are more dangerous places for a young person to get lost.

IHOP, south Kansas City’s evangelical missionary movement, was created 13 years ago by a man who grew up in the Center School District. It’s one man’s version of religion made big.

The suspicious have long leveled the charge of “cult” against IHOP (International House of Prayer). That will likely increase in light of recent news coverage.

A young woman with ties to IHOP was found murdered at Longview Lake. A young man with ties to IHOP is charged with suffocating her.

IHOP, it should be emphasized, isn’t accused of anything criminal in the murder. Only those eventually charged will bear that burden.

But the praying elephant in the room is that this religious movement is the perfect cover for the sort of wickedness outlined in court records describing Bethany Ann Deaton’s murder.

Deaton, 27, came to Kansas City from Texas, drawn to do an internship with IHOP. She lived in a house full of people, including her husband, also drawn by IHOP.

IHOP has bought scores of area homes to provide quarters for similar young devotees.

This ministry is a siren call to young adults with a taste for wanderlust, a need to feel a part of something, determined to differentiate themselves from their parents, their high schools, their hometowns.

Founder Mike Bickle has a constant supply of converts. The business plan: Attract enthusiastic young people and evangelize them to believe the end times are near, that they are needed to go forth and make ready.

It’s why the former Terrace Lake Shopping Center is filled 24/7 with out-of-state license plates. They come for round-the-clock prayer.

There’s a muted energy in the expansive prayer room. And a lot of pacing as young people roam around the lines of chairs. It’s for the visual. The prayer is webcast. It’s led from a stage full of musicians and readers chanting repetitive phrasings of faith.

The young people aren’t out boozing it up or drugging, which can lead to bad outcomes.

But many also aren’t in college, living near family, preparing for a career. IHOP runs a “university” that isn’t. Not by accreditation.

Bickle’s been candid in interviews about hearing God speak to him, and believing he’s been to heaven twice.

For the curious, IHOP will hold its annual “onething” gathering Dec. 28-31 at the Kansas City Convention Center. More than 25,000 people are expected.

IHOP does not deserve the barbs likely to come its way as details of the murder unravel. But the organization can’t completely divorce itself from the fact that it lured characters involved with a horrific murder to Kansas City.

Drawing young people with grand ambitions, after all, is the mission.

To reach Mary Sanchez, call 816-234-4752 or send email to

IHOP related death-slash-murder

Today @ 10 a.m. CST, check out as a live show about Bethany Deaton’s murder will be underway.

Per Allen Hood, this person or group were offshoots of IHOP and not actually a part of IHOP, but they failed to get their webpage down before the one with Tyler Deaton’s name could be removed.  THAT WEBPAGE WAS COPIED.

Let this be, hopefully, be the beginning of IHOP’s end.