IHOP related death-slash-murder

Today @ 10 a.m. CST, check out http://www.KMBZ.com as a live show about Bethany Deaton’s murder will be underway.

Per Allen Hood, this person or group were offshoots of IHOP and not actually a part of IHOP, but they failed to get their webpage down before the one with Tyler Deaton’s name could be removed.  THAT WEBPAGE WAS COPIED.

Let this be, hopefully, be the beginning of IHOP’s end.


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I have seen too many believers in Christ falling into the trap of practicing "Christianized New Age" and still calling it holy. Contemplative prayer is nothing more ( or less) than TM. Totally unscriptural. I encourage anyone who's interested in knowing the truth of God's word to dig in daily and SEARCH - be like the Bereans - FIND OUT if the teachings, messages, books you've read or radio speakers you've heard are dissecting God's word correctly. If they're not, throw out what you've heard. Trash it. God demands we STUDY to show ourselves approved. BE a Berean. Acts 17: 10-11

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3 thoughts on “IHOP related death-slash-murder”

  1. Well six minutes into “Jon’s” show, he said, “I WAS going to talk about…”, but then instead of finishing the sentence said he was going to cover General Petraus instead and then began alking about Big Foot.

    Way to go IHOP/Mike Bickle/Allen Hood. You managde to shut the media up again.

    I recommend everyone and their brother text 22980 and ask Jon WHY he isn’t covering Bethany Deaton’s death AND HER INVOLVEMENT in IHOP. Jon can also be covered on Twitter @JONKMBZ.

    IHOP can NOT be permitted to bury this one.

  2. Don’t know if you will post this, when items get removed, or NOT done as this show or Bethany’s husband not in prison and or jail for the murder of Bethany then you have satanist in your church and tied in with city officials. As we’re seeing corrupt DA’s, police department, city hall, governor, mayor, etc. Saw the letter, gov’t agencies and media was warned long before Bethany got murdered of corruption in mike’s church and possible tie in with city hall. Google: former mayor who is going to jail or prison for his discrepancies (made channel 5/6 news). Books that would back this up: He Came to Set the Captives Free by Dr. Rebecca Brown, Battle Hymn by Secura&Phillips, Thanks for Memories by Brice Taylor and Franklin-Cover-up by John DeCamp(google that: and research all that) and Unholy Anointing by H.A. Lewis, Sometimes if God had a Kids Face by Bruce Ritter.

    Seen and know this: my former AOG/AG corrupt church pastor, had an associate pastor become police officer to erase all the corruption on the church, a lot of child molestation got hid, swept under the carpet, murder some really horrific stuff. What’s stupid of ass. Pastor, is he might make world wide news and then about his wife and children and his entire family. Sad, what we do, our sin that makes us stupid reflects on everyone. Please post so people are aware what goes on.

  3. Joshua Kaiser Schoenbein: obviously you want to be brainwashed and NOT think for yourself. Explain the over eighty hours of horrific reads of abuses by IHOP Exiters. The ones that have not got out, are brainwashed that are living their life and time through someone else and is trying to help God bring about end-time=not scriptural. Read your Bible. Read Stop the IHOP cult. Parents are trying to get their children out, children are trying to get their parents out=irony. End time would be a sovereign move of God, scriptural. Is, the entire Bible taught from cover to cover, I could have sat in my former cult and from birth to death they would have never gone through the bible completely once and people are content to attend and tithe to that?

    Josh you do the reads: Abused by mike Bickle or any leader; Abused by name of church.
    People’s Negative Feedback on Mike Bickle or any leader; People’s Negative Feedback IHOP. Controversial articles on Mike Bickle and or any leader; Controversial articles on IHOP church. Please do the reads and get unbrainwashed and think for yourself. Research a matter. Above memo and all memo’s have read, have been correct. Better yet, Baby Jeremiah Candler and Bethany Deaton would still be here had Mike heeded any type of correction, he has “complete and utter disdain for correction. He was corrected in 1998, hardcore since 2000 and ongoing, hardcore in 2004 bore the brunt of that abuse and corrected it nationwide to church leadership and abused again approx. 2010-2011, which also took to media. Took many of blog sites and gave to many church leadership obviously they all part of the rat pack, same dogma; also sent to media.

    In one blog, posted truth, got removed; that tells me satanists are involved. Protect the dynasty at any cost because we have the money coming in, not going to mess with false kingdom being built to self, reputation, name, that per the above article with the vandalism shows that your behaving more like witches/warlocks and exposing truth will outlive the lies that ihoper’s trying to defend the cult! Public, please put camera’s on house and yards please and businesses (means the fruit is IHOP-KC is your a cult and not true, especially when the Town has meetings over this scary/false/brainwashing regime). Obviously worshipping Mike and his philanthropic dream/lifestyle. Question, how much does this regime own, worth, $ in bank, property, businesses, real estate, land, what owns the same overseas, cars, vacation homes, planes, boats, ranches, estates, ALL of it. How many of the people on welfare and food stamps rather than being a good citizen to the world and being Christian in the marketplace? Sounds like Mormon cult compound, please don’t drink Kool-aid like Jim Jones and followers.

    Lot’s of great books out there to get you over church abuse as well as many sites like Rick Ross Institute, spiritualsoundingboard, Alex Grenier, Bill/Jackie Alnor, Trinity Foundation in Dallas Tx attn: Pete, christianabuseawareness.org/com, churchexiters etc. so, so many sites. Books: Losing My Religion by Wm Lobdell and utube video of same. Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by Johnson/Van Vonderan, Toxic Faith by Arterburn, Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles&2nd book. 10 Lies the Church Tells Women/2nd book about Men by j. Lee Grady, Pagan Christianity (green book) by Frank Viola, Churches That Abuse by Enroth/more books and articles; Cages of Pain by Gordon ?. The Blue Print by James and Marjoe U-tube documentary. How much of Christian Cursing Christians by Dennis Cramer is going to be written about Bickle and his entire movement, worse you could get named and implicated? Battle Hymn by Secura/Phillips has a section where they list and post sell out pastors who are part of the new world/one world order. I have a right to ask, are you and anyone in this regime are they praying wrong prayers on people, cursing them with cancer and praying that they die? Stupid, Touch not my anointed, how do we know your anointed had you NOT announced yourself so, the Bible says NO One is greater, read it, study it, memorize it. At least King David repented when Nathan came, how many people corrected Mike and leaders TO NO AVAIL? Know years of. King David had insight to recognize gifting and who Nathan was and he was sent.

    Left this type of cult; get your shoes and run, keep running. What’s worse is all the mind control, the brainwashing the manipulation and control and suppression, worthlessness, and that you have no right to question their authority and how Jezebel is always at war with you: how dare you, whose authority, by what right do you have to correct and confront. Biblical Church Discipline by Daniel Wray, better yet, ALL those examples in Bible. Even though have my issues with John Paul Jackson him and Noel Alexander And Tim Davis each put out the best teaching on Jezebel on tape, JPJ has 14 characteristics and how many of those fit your regime (not his book at all). Francis Frangipane First edition of Three Battlegrounds excellent read on Jezebel and corruption in false churches and our own hearts.

    Cults go after the youth. Even though people will bash dick sutphen’s Christian brainwashing article, understand that is what they’re doing. Majority of Christians are brainwashed idiots that cannot, will not and choose not to think for themselves. Sorry to say, was one of those, glad I got out with my life, mind was different battle. Terrible when you meet people in the deliverance ministry and they have to break off so-called Christian curses and wrong prayers= meaning Christians that think they are Christian and not behaving like God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, how sad. We don’t know for the most part what a true church looks like; a lot of false wolves; shepherds, hirelings who are self-serving. My former pastor had one of the pastors become a cop to erase corruptions, child molestation and evil reports/lawsuits on the church removed; has mike and leaders done the same? If, the world is corrupt it’s because the church is.

    I like what one blogger said, research everything and who and where it comes from. Example: when a famous author Hal Lindsey was VERBALLY BASHING James LLoyd, hmm, what did James Lloyd know and expose on Lindsey that he didn’t want exposed?

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