A Warning from God

They have envisioned futility and false divination, saying, ‘Thus says the  Lord!’ But the Lord has not sent them; yet they hope that the word may be confirmed. Have you not seen a futile vision, and have you not spoken false divination? You say, ‘The Lord says,’ but I have not spoken.” Therefore thus says the Lord God: “Because you have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies, therefore I  am  indeed against you,” says the Lord God. (Ezekiel 13:6-8 NKJV)

The modern day ‘prophets’ take The Lord very lightly in saying their prophecies “don’t need to be 100% correct”.  Oh really?!!  I’m always amazed when people take our Holy God and make Him to be the same level as man.

“…yet they HOPE the word may be confirmed…”  Doesn’t that happen in many various places today and not just at IHOP? Heads up, brothers and sisters!  Don’t make light of God’s Word.  He plainly says, “Because you have spoken NONSENSE and envisioned LIES, therefore I am indeed AGAINST you.”

Bearing that in mind, do you really want to sit under a leader who tells you that “growing in the prophetic” is good? And prophecies don’t “HAVE to be 100% accurate to be from The Lord”?

Side note: I’ve always wondered where “Growing in the prophetic” is in God’s word..

The next time you hear a prophetic word, ask that person what GOD says about it – the word THEY have said, should it FAIL to come to pass.  If they tell you that ‘prophecy’ they’ve given ‘doesn’t need to be 100% accurate’, share Ezekiel 18 with them.  If they still say it doesn’t need to be 100% correct, run, don’t walk, away from them.  They’ve made themselves ‘bigger than God’ in their own eyes and He really looks down on that


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I have seen too many believers in Christ falling into the trap of practicing "Christianized New Age" and still calling it holy. Contemplative prayer is nothing more ( or less) than TM. Totally unscriptural. I encourage anyone who's interested in knowing the truth of God's word to dig in daily and SEARCH - be like the Bereans - FIND OUT if the teachings, messages, books you've read or radio speakers you've heard are dissecting God's word correctly. If they're not, throw out what you've heard. Trash it. God demands we STUDY to show ourselves approved. BE a Berean. Acts 17: 10-11

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6 thoughts on “A Warning from God”

  1. This scripture helped me.

    Some people are telling the message about Christ because they are jealous and bitter. Others do it because they want to help. They are doing it out of love. They know that God gave me the work of defending the Good News. But those others tell about Christ because of their selfish ambition. Their reason for doing it is wrong. They only do it because they think it will make trouble for me in prison. But that doesn’t matter. What is important is that they are telling people about Christ, whether they are sincere or not. So I am glad they are doing it. I will continue to be glad, (Philippians 1:15-18 ERV)

    I want to see the IHOP doors eventually close, but in the meanwhile, this helps. I continue to pray God will protect the hearts and minds of the young people there.

  2. Are these people calling themselves prophets or are they giving prophetic/encouraging words to another? Are they sharing what they feel The Lord might be saying to the individual or are they saying emphatically “thus says The Lord”……
    I think we should be careful to not run into calling people names without understanding what it is they stand for.
    I think one can grow in the gifting that The Lord has given. If we desire to grow in giving, healing, administration, miracles, hospitality, faith, words of knowledge & wisdom, discernment etc, is it not desirable to want to grow in hearing Gods voice more clearly (even the still small voice) in order to encourage or warn the body of Christ?
    Everything available in Christ are things we can grow in, the way I loved years ago isn’t the way I love now, same with humility, purity, sanctification etc. I’ve grown a bit. I’m certain thats the way it is with every gift in The Lord.

  3. You don’t understand scripture well enough to realize that even though contemplative prayer and “prophecies that aren’t 100% every time” might not be word-for-word listed in the bible, they’re still in there! You need to LISTEN to Mike Bickle’s explanation on this. THEN you’d understand why we KNOW what we are learning is 100% correct!!!!!

  4. I’m reposting what someone else wrote because it’s correct. And I couldn’t have said it better.

    Apr 5, 4:13 am
    I’ve experienced God time and time again while down there. I’ve been told by pastors to search out God myself on behalf of their teachings. An obsession with Jesus is no cult.

    That “uncorrectable” term is false, because like I’ve said. They’ve been humble and told us to find out for ourselves because they’re not “100% right all the time” no matter how knowledgable they are in Christ. They are being led by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit says we need to seek Him. So by Mike Bickel telling me to seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom concerning what he preached about the end times. Well, I’ll take his word for it because I should be seeking God anyway.His teachings just declare the glory of God and what He’s all about. I won’t really know unless I seek and find God and all of His glory for myself. Yes, they declare that they’re are not a cult, but that’s words. I need proof ofcourse. I don’t think a cult would promote being obsessed with Jesus. That’s like someone asking Francis Chan if cornerstone church is a cult. Because they “share things together, and are encourged to leave everything behind if you really want to seek Christ”. That’s just Jesus saying how it is and Francis teaching it. So IHOP is just teaching how it is, and not all their doctirne is sound, i’ve descerned some things here and there when down there. But what I really love, is when Mike Bickel and the other pastors told the entire crowd after his message,”Challenge what I say and seek God for yourself. You’ll never know what I’m saying is true or not unless God tells you for Himself. Dig into the word, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom on this subject. And He will show you, and there will always be a chance that I would be wrong in something.”

    I will say one other thing, have I ever heard them use that phrase “touched not God’s annointed” I would also question it. But believe me when I say, taking everything I hear into account to rather or not I should believe it. When I know I won’t ever believe it until I seek God myself and find the truth. I have never heard this be used by ANYBODY in ihop. So the fact that this was posted last year,I have a lot of insights to ihop with people. I watch the live stream a lot.(more then now than lately) and I don’t hear that ever preached.

  5. I recommend you write delilahdias@yahoo.com

    She is a former IHOP intern who had her eyes opened to the deception there. She got out of there but kept all of her journals etc.

    Note: She wasn’t just some “newcomer” who misunderstood some teacher or teaching. She was a 3 year intern – so she knows what she’s talking about.

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