The Great Apostasy

This one hit the nail on the head.

(Short video)


One thought on “The Great Apostasy”

  1. Note this message by David Wilkerson also:

    FYI: By the way, David Wilkerson knew all about this site as well as so many others in Christendom and had list of over 80-120 hours read on Mike Bickle and his regime before he died (wonder if anyone was cursing him with cancer, praying that he die or took him out as he could have been put in front of that Semi-Truck unless he suffered stroke or heart attack=God knows the truth)! Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips would address these types of issues in his book and he list some NWO Pastors (new world order and their agenda).
    Have you seen site Julie’s Story (part 2 I believe)=comments are sobering and very enlightening and TRUE! Telling you who is funding these false regimes in the guise of churches (Book: Battle Hymn would confirm)!

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