A Response to Charisma Magazine’s Defense of IHOP

From Truthspeaker:

What follows is an impassioned response to Chrarisma Magazine’s editor Jennifer LeClaire,  who wrote a  recent  OPINION piece in defense of IHOP being a cult, which was published twice under the following titles:  Would You Recognize a Christian Cult if You Were In One? and  IHOP Kansas City Is Not a Cult, but Cults Are Rising. (Printing it TWICE under two different titles??  They must REALLY want to get the word out there!!….. Just makes my cynical self wonder how much money exchanged hands.)

IHOP and the Bethany Deaton Case Answering NAR “Prophetess” Jennifer LeClaire By NOLR History

Who is Jennifer LeClaire???

She is: 1) Latter Rain “Prophetess” 2) Charisma Magazine Senior Editor 3) IHOP-Fort Lauderdale leader 4) Pastor of Praise Chapel Hollywood 5) Former Southern Baptist 6) Former Mormon 7) Author of several Latter Rain books dealing with “Five-Fold” and “Jezebel” themes 8) Spiritual DNA Activation provocateur

Jennifer LeClaire’s current article for Charisma is a rebuttal to the substantial (and well-documented) accusations that IHOP is a cult. Jennifer’s testimony includes being abandoned by her Mormon husband as well as being incarcerated in prison, only to be later exonerated. Her testimony is a classic “gutter-to-Jesus” testimony so common to 10s of 1000s of people coming out of “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll during the Jesus People Movement of the 70s, who today are caught up in the NAR/ICA movement that systematically took over the Charismatic/Pentecostal churches in the 90s.

Her rebuttal article: Jennifer L. LeClaire. “IHOP Kansas City Is Not a Cult, but Cults Are Rising” CharismaNews, Nov. 29, 2012. The Question

“Is IHOP-KC a cult along with all the other ministries that IHOP-KC trains at their Kansas City-base compound?”

Jennifer LeClair uses Mike Bickle’s lecture on the Cults: 7-Characteristics lecture which was used in response to the outcry by concerned parents, law enforcement, and others in the Kansas City area after baby Jeremiah Candler was starved to death.

The Answer

Well, as a matter of fact, yes! All members and daughter “ministries” who have learned the very same false doctrines that Latter Rain leader Jennifer LeClaire promotes have all the “7 Characteristics of Cults” as described above plus a lot more. You might think progress could be made now that Bickle, LeClaire, and countless other Latter Rain false leaders have openly identified themselves as being a cult movement by spelling out their characteristics. The New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) is the beginning name for this cult that started after WWII. Later, it was re-formulated in the 90s by Fuller Theological Prof. and “Super Apostle” C. Peter Wagner as the “New Apostolic Reformation” (NAR) led by the “Int’l Coalition of Apostles” (ICA).

Jennifer LeClaire went directly from the frying pan right into the fire. The communist party calls such party members “Useful Idiots.” Jennifer LeClaire becomes a “Useful Idiot” for the Kabbalist NAR and appears to be unwittingly prepped through her former role as a Mormon wife.

The current Deaton case is another of a long list of documents crimes committed by the “restored Melchizedeck Priesthood (a/k/a “Apostles and Prophets”) movement. The NAR has defrauded millions of lives, fortunes, and sacred honor by the false leaders who formulated the Discipleship/Shepherding scheme in the late 70s and 80s. Perhaps the NAR leaders can rally the “best of the best” Latter Rain “Apostles and Prophets” and raise Bethany Deaton from the dead so she can tell the court who murdered her and spare the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office from continuing with a very expensive autopsy. Will NAR leaders like Mike Bickle bring out all the miracle-working “anointed” prophets and apostles?? Will they stir up their “anointing” and prove to the world there are a legitimate expression of orthodox Christianity as they say they are? Will they invoke angel feathers and gold teeth and leg lengthening miracles. Let’s see that “Full-Gospel” alchemy turn lead into gold!! Get Todd Bentley and Benny Hinn to conjure up their “Breaker Anointing” !!! Get Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson, Wilford “Bill” Hamon and his best-of-the-best “Prophetic Teams” trained exclusively at his Santa Rosa Beach, FL “School for the Prophets” to join with Joyner’s MorningStar Zinzendorf compound. Bring in Dave Vaughan of Emerge Wales [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Ak7y6B_Iw], Peter Popoff, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Mac Hammond, Wolf Eckman and his Livets Ord compound in Sweden, Ralph Martin, Steve Clark, Keith Major, etc. As Dutch Sheets preaches, surely the “synergistic anointing” will raise both Bethany Deaton and Jeremiah Candler from the dead, right? Can’t the NAR leaders cast a decree a Latter Rain spell on the Jackson County Judge presiding over the Bethany Deaton case?? Perhaps “prophetess” Stacey Campbell can shake her head (under “the anointing” of course…) and prophesy victory for the upcoming Jackson County indictment? [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bufJrdciaTo]

Didn’t Jennifer LeClaire graduate from the “Dream Interpretation” classes taught by John Paul Jackson, one of the “Kansas City Seven”??? Surely Jennifer LeClaire can “speak the Word” and prophetically dream her way to victory, right? IHOP and the rest of the NAR have made captive America’s youth in their “IHOP university” and other “School for the Prophets” compounds. [think “Harry Potter” Hogwarts academy] They are all over Canada, the USA, and Europe. Isn’t there some spell, allegory, or metaphor like “TheCall”, “OneThing”, “Jesus Culture” etc. that NAR/ICA leaders can conjure or skry toward providing “Vision” and “Destiny” so as to augment their “Seven Mountain Mandate” in their quest for World Dominion”???? Maybe they could try burning or cutting themselves like the Prophets of Baal as played out in I Kings 18:25???

Couldn’t Jennifer try Latter Rain magic used by Cindy Jacobs, et al. by putting scriptures on wooden stakes, pounding them around Jackson County Courthouse and making a “decree to the four winds” by saying “Thus saith the Lord”?? George Otis, Jr. and YWAM said their magic caused “Transformations” in various South American countries resulting in the harvest of gigantic miracle vegetables and caused the crime rate to be reduced so a new utopian society would emerge like a Phoenix from the ashes of Adam’s curse.[see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDqY29Fbu8M%5D

Wait! That’s it!! Let the NAR make up a new “Phoenix Breaker Anointing” !!! Couple that with 40-days of intense fasting and surely that will resurrect Jeremiah Candler and Bethany Deaton from the dead, right? Wouldn’t Jennifer agree with that? Surely Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler at Glory of Zion Ministries and/or Global Spheres (or other assumed names they operate under) can use more Kabbalah gematria to prophesie themselves to “Victory”, right? [http://web.archive.org/web/20100114165314/http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/chuck-pierce-robert-heidler-respond-to-kabbalah-charge/] Why not get it together with the Black NAR “Apostles and Prophets” like Miles Munroe and pedophile “Bishop” Eddie Long who was recently born-again and made a King using ritual magic incorporating an “Auschwitz Torah” by Messianic Rabbi Ralph Messer [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVkoQHCXSK8]. Too bad Lubavitcher “Rabbi” Menachem Youlus, who sold Messer this “priceless scroll,” was convicted and is now in prison for Scroll fraud. [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2095879/Jewish-Indiana-Jones-Menachem-Youlus-faces-jail-1m-fraud.html] But it’s the Word-of-Faith neoplatonic thought that counts, right? Speak it! Believe it! It will happen!! Eddie Long is now a King and to believe otherwise you must be a “conspiracy theorist” or be “in rebellion to Apostolic authority”, right??

Too bad Latter Rain Pastor Zachery Tims couldn’t join too, but he took too much “anointing” powder at the W Hotel on Broadway… [http://www.wtsp.com/news/article/205837/19/Florida-pastor-Zachery-Tims-found-dead-in-NYC-hotel-room ] Surely NAR New Zealand NAR “Bishop” Brian Tamaki [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Tamaki ] with his “700-Mighty Men” who made a marriage covenant with “Bishop” Tamaki who in turn previously made a spiritual marriage covenant with “Bishop” Eddie Long who in turn made a spiritual marriage covenant with Earl Paulk who died shortly after being convicted in court for adultery and fathering his son through a relationshp with his sister in law. [see http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/04/us/04paulk.html ]

Perhaps you can join with “Prophetic presbytery teams” along with the NAR multi-compound at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. [http://gatewaypeople.com]

Just thinking of all these NAR/ICA opportunities to “change the face of Christianity” just makes me quiver!

The “Adam-Kadmon” or “Grand Man” found in LDS, Freemasonry, Swedenborg, Rosicrucians and other Synagogues of Satan is the real doctrinal entity behind the “One New Man” of the Latter Rain. You cloak your cult with cleverly-hidden multiple definitions for the same terms. This is a “Cult Characteristic” that Bickle deliberately failed to add to his “7 Characteristics.”

Christ died at Calvary to deliver real Christians *FROM* what “Pastor” Jennifer LeClaire is now entrenched with, not so they could join into this Invisible Basilica. NAR leaders have duped millions of people! Jennifer didn’t learn from her lesson with LDS. She is on a sinking ship that is going down fast!! She is leading countless youth into the eternal Lake of Fire and God has no other choice but to Judge her and the rest of the NAR false prophets. Jennifer and her NAR associates like Steven Strang are all guilty of plagiarizing cult doctrines and practices that are well over 400-years old. They are “digging the wells” to hell. Game over. Wake Up Christians!! Jennifer LeClaire is an NAR cult leader and like Mike Bickle, she cleverly writes about cults and cult characteristics as a ploy to appear as being a genuine Christian! Nice try Jennifer, but it won’t work for you and it surely isn’t working for IHOP, especially with the Jackson County Court. The magistrates just aren’t buying the NAR/ICA magic show at IHOP-KC. Neither is God.

Contact Jennifer now and tell her the Latter Rain games are over:

Jennifer LeClaire Ministries PO Box 3953 Hallandale Beach, FL 33008 jennifer.leclaire@charismamedia.com



Christine Vendel. “Baby died from starvation, KC police say” Kansas City Star, Jan. 7, 2009.


Kendall, Justin. “Killa City: Parents of dead baby were IHOP members” Pitch [Kansas], Jan. 27 2009.


“Court Date Delayed For Rebecca Candler: Jeremiah Candler Died Nov. 18” KMBC.com, April 20, 2009.


10 thoughts on “A Response to Charisma Magazine’s Defense of IHOP”

  1. What can anyone say, type of Elijah in writer to confront modern day satanic pastors who think they are so-called Christian but have lied, deceived and robbed people and taking a lot of people to hell. People don’t want to hear, “all pastors are rats and all churches are cults”.

    Could NOT have been written better, total righteous indignation. Really showing you the false church is evil “church is the whore riding the beast and to come out of her” in Revelations. People are tithing and attending and not discerning. Church has been so murderous and for such a long time, not to mention showing you what and who Charisma really is and what they all are. Scary how satanic the church has become as a whole.

  2. Don’t bulk all of these into one group. There are still churches working very hard toward outreach and evangelism aside from meeting together to worship God together as one people.
    You might not see them where you are, but look harder. They’re out there.

  3. This is definitely one of those “Finger of God” letters written under the unction. One of those very anointed letters. Matthew 7:9-end, highlighting verses 13-14; Matt 24:24.
    Current leadership and people better take heed.

  4. Hi Annunk: Know what you’re saying about NOT to bulk into one group. Will find the prophetic article where God showed a German man who has NEVER been to America and doesn’t speak English the current state of American church and it’s hireling, wolf, false pastor’s. Scary and true written exposure. Years ago, Holy Spirit had me do an in depth study of Matthew 7:13-14, whew; conclusion was FEW who make it (revelation of that: Bible has already been written=sobering). Will get it to you via someone we both know. Would give you the site it’s posted don’t want it removed (seen things get removed). Jha Swarna heard prophetic broadcast from Bombay, India don’t know title of one judgment coming to the church, I’ve seen it in supernatural what’s coming (remember telling one pastor they better have enough coffins in their basement to carry out the dead or better yet use the coffins as coffee tables in their offices; just got mocked). Consequences when you pray for the Glory you better be ready when it shows up or like asking where we’re the Elijah’s of God (confronted him on that one also), worse when don’t recognize when they come and deliver correct message.

    Regarding Charisma: former Editor Grady had been on hardcore correction list since 2000 until his departure (wonder what real reason was). The idiot that took over, in one of the issues where Perry Stone or Riva Tim’s on cover new editor is complicit and naming and backing up corrupt ministries that many have tried to expose like Copeland’s. List was extensive of so many corrupt ministries; showed me, ignoring those like Trinity Foundation, Dallas TX and Bill/Jackie Alnor, Rick Ross Institute and many blog’s and so many people that have TRIED to expose corruption. Remember the editorial by Strang that was blasting those exposing Paul Crouches homosexual affair without researching a matter or flat out asking Paul (L.A. Times 9/19-20/2004 6 page article of corruption and abuses along with Wm. Lobdell’s “Onward Christian Soldier” article and book “Losing My Religion” to name few. Not to mention Charisma really complicit when put IHOPU/KC on cover when they got brutal letter approx. 17 months before Bethany’s murder exposing corruption in regime (didn’t even research a matter and expose). What’s up with that? Pretty evil. Which god are they really serving, corruption and money?

  5. “Will get it to you via someone we both know. Would give you the site it’s posted don’t want it removed (seen things get removed). Jha Swarna heard prophetic”.
    By all means (!) get me the info ASAP.

    We are getting close….very close I believe. Folks, are your lamps on empty — or are they good and full?

  6. I’m sorry but your writing in really hard for me to take in. It’s to me very unfruitful. So much bashing I can’t see the facts. Can you calm down?
    In all due respect stop.
    I read one of your earlier posts which was easy to read and contemplate. I was hoping this post would be at that level but now this is just not fruitful.
    It’s unfruitful because it’s full of mocking and it”s loose with language that sounds either presumptuous or condemning. I don’t see the love anymore. And I don’t mean look aside from error love. I mean gentleness.

  7. I’m sorry. Could you site a particular comment and allow me to correct or clarify? There’s not a mean bone in this old lady’s body.

  8. Perhaps the NAR leaders can rally the “best of the best” Latter Rain “Apostles and Prophets” and raise Bethany Deaton from the dead so she can tell the court who murdered her and spare the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office from continuing with a very expensive autopsy. Will NAR leaders like Mike Bickle bring out all the miracle-working “anointed” prophets and apostles?? Will they stir up their “anointing” and prove to the world there are a legitimate expression of orthodox Christianity as they say they are? Will they invoke angel feathers and gold teeth and leg lengthening miracles. This doesn’t seem/fee; beneficial to read. it doesn’t build up it just tares down and make exaggerations. Like the author may have a point but… the tone of the author doesn’t seem sophisticated to me. Also this comment bothered me. Jennifer Leclaire “appears to be unwittingly prepped through her former role as a Mormon wife. The language here tares down and uses a lot of over exaggerating. Over all it’s just not fruitful. I don’t feel peace, I don’t see gentleness, and I don’t see love. Also it seems like the person is dealing with the movement like the people are doing these things on purpose since there is no gentleness. I was hoping to find something calm and clear but all I see is a rant. I tend to get very angry about injustices and this is my downside so for me, and perhaps the author and I have this in common. I have started to try and relax a bit more before writing, because if I write with an imbalance of anger or whatever emotion driving me I am most likely going to make some errors in my evidence. It’s good to care about truth and accuracy but the spirit in which one writes abtou these things matters too. Like I said I read another post from this person and didn’t see much of this tone… so I am surprised I found it here. I used to be part of a movement where people used similar tone and the tone was very destructive to my soul (mind, will and emotions) when listening to it, because the anger transfers even if the person on the surface doesn’t seem angry (you just can sense somthing is off). If I am wrong I am wrong but I just don’t feel built up spiritually when reading this. I feel exhausted. I already read another document about IHOP it was was well organized and I sent it to Jennifer Leclaire. I hope she reads it. I have read some of her books and heard her speak and she doesn’t seem out to lunch compared to what I have read about what Bob jones and Mike Bickle has said. She also has escaped 2 cult movements and I have heard her talk about escaping one. I don’t know her personally but I wouldn’t say everyone who is in IHOP is plagued with IHOP I think some people are just misinformed about anything fishy going on. I read the Charisma post on the identifying cults. Again she seems misinformed and doesn’t know about what I have read in the document I sent her. I dont see that she is unawaringly prepped for being in a cult , since she has escaped 2 cults before and if one is prepped then I can’t see them having discernment at all when it comes to cults. Also she is very careful when it comes to angel encounters and doesn’t like the misuse of prophecy in churches. I see some discernment in Jennifer Leclaire because of this. Also remember we can’t be perfect. So I would love to have seen a bit more mercy in this post. Overall this kind of writting is not my thing, and it reminds me of why I try to stay away from people’s views on who is false or not… It gets really out of hand. perhaps there is bitterness, fear, anger, or rejection from some writers on these topics, but it shouldn’t be injected into their writting for the body of Christ to read. I do want to make it clear though I don’t know if there are any of the above in the author I am just giving an example of what I believe creates works like this. I appreciate you caring about my thoughts.

  9. oh nvm it posted XD but also I just realized 10 minutes ago I need to work on letting go of issues/errors that happen in church. I get disappointed that people get deceived (do something or believe something unbiblical) and then I allow myself to become angry or upset and that shows a lack of mercy on my part because I am not putting myself in the others shoes. I am not advocating saying nothing but I am advocating checking one’s heart, and I believe everyone needs to work on that daily because sometimes we miss things.

  10. The truth and accuracy of this blog are years in making and my comments are from my own experience as to the destruction that occurred in my own family. Thank God He finally restored the destruction.
    Thank you for your comments, Adrienne.

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