Contemplative / Shakti

Looks like my Spam-block wasn’t working today… But then again, I do appreciate getting a little “outside help” in proving where Contemplative prayer really comes from.
…and yet to date, Mike Bickle really advocates this practice heartily at IHOP. Mike’s not the only one however.

Contemplative is springing up everywhere within the body of Christ. Christians are learning this demonic practice and are calling it ‘good’. I used to be so amazed at this thinking, “How can they (anyone who calls the self a Christian) be so deceived?” Think about it though. It feeds the flesh. Who can recognize that?!Only the Bereans of today can truly recognize this evil around them. Jesus warned us it would get really bad before His return.

Christian, if you’re practicing Contemplative prayer, you are literally playing with fire.

From my Spammer…

1) A new video: Anahata – Bliss Encoded Music for Opening the Heart

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Anahata – Bliss Infused Music for Opening the Heart (Embedded w/ Biofield Technology)
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This deeply relaxing CD features:

– Beautiful contemplative music of Nada Yoga
– Powerful frequencies that facilitate FLOW
– 2 tracks (67 minutes total) of beautiful music and chant
– Biofield (i.e., subtle energetic) frequencies designed to help you feel open-hearted, elated, open, safe, blissful, peaceful
– Heart chakra opening
– Support for greater loving self-awareness
– Lessening of self-contraction
– Preparation for releasing and letting go practice

It can be used to:

– Create profoundly uplifting and relaxing energetic fields in any environment
– Significantly deepen and brighten your yoga, Qi-Gong, Reiki, Tai Chi or meditation practice
– Help instill deep rapture and relaxation during meditation and massage
– Compliment your work with Profound Meditation Program by enjoying the stress-relieving, rejuvenative states of consciousness facilitated with this CD
– Release fatigue after work or during your lunch break
– Let go of negativity easily
– Experience an uplifting natural high
– Enhance your reading, writing and study sessions

You can listen while you:

– Work
– Study
– Surf the Internet
– Meditate
– Give or receive a massage
– Practice qigong, Tai Chi, Reiki and other healing arts
– Relax alone or with friends
– Release difficult emotions

More Information on the iAwake Biofield Technology:

It’s time for Christians to open their eyes.




3 thoughts on “Contemplative / Shakti”

  1. Great blog Annunk.

    Unfortunately, what is so blatantly obvious to us, is lost on so many. How do you explain what is obvious? Indeed it is very difficult. There is so much to teach and undo, that we really need the Lord’s help, to open our brothers’ and sisters’ heart when it comes to IHOP. IHOP does a good job of making their theology and approach seem so “normal” that when you share some simple biblical truths, they stare at you like “huh” ie things like “what is sola scriptura?” I’m sure you understand.

    Thank you for your work. It encourages me. Keep praying that the Lord moves in us and in other people to glorify Him and help them not be deceived!

    -The Predestined Blog

  2. You’ve got some great points, but what has worked best for me so far, has been pointing out to IHOP interns WITH QUESTIONS how many scriptures are used, only to be used with a slightly new twist but worse yet, taken completely out of context.

    NOWHERE does Jesus instruct us on scriptire to repeat a word or phrase, holy word or whatever you like, over and over and over. Much like a mantra. Yet because Catholic mystics from years gone by tell of wonderous “encounters” with god… Well, suddenly it becomes “blessed of god” (yes, small ‘g’). And even more subtlety than that, it suddenly becomes a new type of doctrine. Doctrine by IHOP, doctrine by Calvary, doctrine by whoever it happens to be whose getting this stiff in print and getting devotees to buy it (for a very nominal price, of course..)

    Like I said before, can bitter and fresh water come forth from the same well??? No way. But the water from IHOP is bitter-bitter on one day, yet drinkable on another. Very frustrating so its just much easier to pull completely away from it.

    And by the way…what ever did happen to that Bethany Moore case? Husband ever get nabbed or are they still trying to pin it entirely on that one young man in jail??? Is the husband even still in the KC area? I would bet money that he’s left either the area and/or the state. Oh wait again! He DID leave the state…for Texas?? Tried his hand at teaching but those darn students of his managed to Google him (and all his associated dirt) and the good ‘ol school board had to yank him off the list of teachers….

    If someone has a better update than that one, please give me a heads-up. Tyler Deaton, you’re more than welcome to write in if you’d ever care to.

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