After joining a Word of Faith church 30+ years ago,  I remember thinking, “My parents (who loved the Lord), would have really gone places (with God) if they would have known about some of the things I’m learning.  But they just did CHURCH!  They didn’t really know how to BE with God.”  

(Yes, God eventually opened my eyes to the deception I’d bought into – and graciously forgave me.) 

Now, however, I hear these same thoughts from IHOP people all the time. (Yes, some of you don’t get published. If your comment is hateful, it gets trashed.)

I truly did love the Word of Faith messages I heard. (I wonder if anyone realizes that IHOP is promoting the same WOF theology and then some?)

I would walk away from church feeling powerful!  I knew that I had the power to speak God’s word over (whatever the situation was) and then I could EXPECT to SEE a change!  I could speak to my checkbook and command finances to increase! I could EXPECT everything in my life to line up ( ! ) with God’s word! And blah, blah, blah…  I’m embarrassed just thinking about it.

So what made me think what I was learning was the real deal?!?  WHY did I love it so much?  WHY do the kids at IHOP think that they have learned “the” truth?!  Why do they love IHOP teachings so much?  [And please note, I am not mixing Jesus, God’s Son, in with my question about IHOP.  That question was strictly referring to IHOP and nothing else.]  WHY do the IHOP interns believe that “they” have something that the rest of the Christian world has missed out on?

It’s that flesh thing.  The Word of Faith message I heard years ago fed my flesh like none other.  Mike Bickle is in desperate need of having his eyes opened to the deception that he has bought into.  The CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER he teaches doesn’t feed the spirit-man — it feeds the FLESH.  Instead of walking away from prayer time feeling washed and clean, the person who has been practicing it walks away feeling ‘a little bit taller’ (spiritually), and then in comes that feeling of “spiritual superiority” over those who only pray the old fashioned way.

I write this with great humility.  I write this in obedience to Him.  This teaching alone, leads believers in Christ down a sensual, demonic path.

I read a story from Lighthouse Trails that I wanted to share.  It’s not just IHOP that’s being deceived.  It’s happening everywhere, but God warned us the deception in the end times would be great – didn’t He.  I’ve shortened this letter but it is available at teh Lighthouse Trails website.

To Lighthouse Trails:

I’m a new student at __________College in ___________ Canada. The President   of the College himself teaches the Spiritual  Formation classes.

The Lord delivered me out of 30 years of spiritual seeking last year (where I tasted of and practiced just about every spirituality and philosophy and   practice on the planet) and brought me to salvation. You can imagine my surprise, if not shock, when in class the spiritual exercises the prof was teaching seemed like nothing so much as repackaged New Age stuff. I bought Ray [Yungen’s] PDF A Time of Departing a few days ago from you. It completely confirms my impressions. My professor, also the president of the university, is such a gracious caring man . . .  who knows his Bible cold – what a deception!

collegesstairsCould you send me Ray’s other book For Many Shall Come in My Name, the e-book version? [I] am right in the middle of a paper for this prof. I’m trying to line my ducks up in a row and state my case, as far as I can as a new Christian. I’m going to call for him to repent and need to be clear on what I’m saying. No idea how this will affect my academics, and will leave that in the Lord’s hands.

You might want to add ______________College to your [Contemplative Colleges]  list.

Part of my testimony is that I was adopted into the family of the chief medicine man of the Lakota nation (my own natural father abandoned when I was 5)  and intensively practiced aboriginal ceremony for 13 years.

Praise the Lord God! The victory is His! Amen!

No question about it in my mind – this is the great falling away happening   before our eyes. I was also once a member of the Anthroposophical Society – an offshoot of the Theosophical society. The mystical Christ being preached  more and more is the same as the  anthroposophical Christ taught by Rudolf  Steiner, a gnostic version of Christ.

Paul was serious when he said that those who teach and follow this other gospel, this other Christ, will be accursed.

In Christ,

Stephen (not real name)

IHOP students & interns – wake up!  You are making a choice to believe a different gospel!  But if you ever chose to leave IHOP, you would end up losing all your IHOP friends — After all, it’s the unwritten rule at IHOP to cut off all contact with anyone who leaves or disagrees with IHOP doctrine. 

I’m still waiting for someone to show me where contemplative prayer is listed in scripture.. 


Published by: annunk

I have seen too many believers in Christ falling into the trap of practicing "Christianized New Age" and still calling it holy. Contemplative prayer is nothing more ( or less) than TM. Totally unscriptural. I encourage anyone who's interested in knowing the truth of God's word to dig in daily and SEARCH - be like the Bereans - FIND OUT if the teachings, messages, books you've read or radio speakers you've heard are dissecting God's word correctly. If they're not, throw out what you've heard. Trash it. God demands we STUDY to show ourselves approved. BE a Berean. Acts 17: 10-11

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