Contemplative Prayer And Its Origin

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Nowhere in scripture are we ever told to get into a relaxed body position when we pray. Additionally, we are not EVER told in scripture to slow our breathing or block out all external influences or “empty our minds”. I’ve heard from NEW believers that this “just isn’t in the bible to do this”! Yet those who’ve been in Christ for 30+years have been falling for it hook, line and sinker. Such OBVIOUS deception – and yet believers in Christ are buying into it.


Contemplative Prayer Movement and Its Origin
Published in the Christian Chronicle – By S. E. Ray – 06/18/06

There is a prayer practice that is becoming popular within the evangelical church. It is primarily known as Contemplative Prayer. It is also known as centering prayer, listening prayer, breath prayer, and prayer of the heart. The practice is now widely embraced and taught in secular and professed Christian seminaries, colleges, universities, organizations, ministries and seminars throughout the United States. Academic promoters have introduced these practices into the fields of medicine; business and law while countless secular and Christian books, magazines, seminars, and retreats are teaching lay people how to incorporate them into their daily lives. Promoters promise physical, mental and spiritual benefits desiring to bring about positive social change.

The essential function of contemplative prayer is to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to find one’s true self, thus striving…

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I have seen too many believers in Christ falling into the trap of practicing "Christianized New Age" and still calling it holy. Contemplative prayer is nothing more ( or less) than TM. Totally unscriptural. I encourage anyone who's interested in knowing the truth of God's word to dig in daily and SEARCH - be like the Bereans - FIND OUT if the teachings, messages, books you've read or radio speakers you've heard are dissecting God's word correctly. If they're not, throw out what you've heard. Trash it. God demands we STUDY to show ourselves approved. BE a Berean. Acts 17: 10-11

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6 thoughts on “Contemplative Prayer And Its Origin”

  1. I thought i would leave another note with you. one of the greatest things Mike Bickle does wrong is that he reinterprets the Bible to fit his doctrine of passion for jesus. he teaches young people to imagine a love affair with Christ and maintain it through thier prayer life.

  2. Reports I’d received from 2008-9 were of “marriage ceremonies” between female interns and..jesus.. (Yes, I realize I didn’t capitalize that J)

    Sexuality would of course play into the whole idea of ceremony followed by honeymoon – and of course ( !!! ) the part about referring to Jesus as “lover” helped to hype it up as well.

  3. IHOP is a counterfeit church that has all the appearance of a godly Christ fearing group of believers but the heart of what they are building based on self promotion, deception in that they claim to perform miracles and lie about it, and gross misinterpretations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and this comes from someone that has envolved and seen this from the beginning.

  4. Mike reinterpreted the song of Solomon to mean a romantic relationship with Jesus. I went through his original study notes and found that he had a different meaning for every word, like grapes meant New wine and flowing hair was anointing etc. it was so off base that i thought he was kidding but he used that false interpretation to write his book Passion for Christ. I was present when Paul Cain and Bob Jones called Mike a Mystic after his intepretation was revealed. its real spooky stuff that took place in the beginning. Todays result was born out of those early lies

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