Monthly Archives: February 2015

IHOP & Bethany Deaton…

Nice going, IHOP. Looks like CBS managed to stay away from reporting on you, the root cause of Bethany Deaton’s death.

Anybody watching this, who agrees with me, send an email to CBS and tell them to investigate IHOP.

It is physically impossible to slowly suffocate oneself. Your mind will not allow it to happen. It’s physically impossible for a swimmer to drown because their mind won’t allow them to do it. Bethany Deaton could not possibly suffocate herself. That is physically impossible. …yet she died with her eyes open and the bag inhaled into her mouth….

Write CBS and have them do an investigation into the control that IHOP has over it’s “interns”.

Families getting cut off?!!? That is oh so typical of IHOP. I have been through it and know from firsthand experience.