Why I Left IHOPKC and How I was Treated When I Left // MY STORY

Story deleted on purpose. Please read other stories on this post. Thank you!


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I have seen too many believers in Christ falling into the trap of practicing "Christianized New Age" and still calling it holy. Contemplative prayer is nothing more ( or less) than TM. Totally unscriptural. I encourage anyone who's interested in knowing the truth of God's word to dig in daily and SEARCH - be like the Bereans - FIND OUT if the teachings, messages, books you've read or radio speakers you've heard are dissecting God's word correctly. If they're not, throw out what you've heard. Trash it. God demands we STUDY to show ourselves approved. BE a Berean. Acts 17: 10-11

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7 thoughts on “Why I Left IHOPKC and How I was Treated When I Left // MY STORY”

  1. You have NO discernment by using this article. If you did some digging you would actually see that he is STILL in the charismatic movement. He never renounced heretics John Crowder or Joseph Prince, instead he accredits them to helping him. Shame on you for using this so called testimony as a creditable source when all its doing is leading people BACK to charismania via another route!! Shame on you!!!

  2. The reason that I approved his comment, is because he is pointed in the right direction. He is pointed to The Cross. Compared to IHOP, he has moved in the right directions by leaps and bounds.
    The rest of what you’re talking about is so minimal compared to Mike Bickle.

  3. He’s headed in the right direction, ma’am. He’s out of IHOP and that is a huge victory in my book. Huge.
    Sorry to disappoint.
    IHOP and the charismatic movement are two different things. IHOP is a part of the charismatic movement but that is not the major tragedy about the place.

  4. Donna: shame, shame off an annunk in the name of Jesus. Do not curse her. Also, she was right for posting Blaise’s site. It exposed abuses, manipulation/control of IHOPrayer regime and it’s leadership.
    Maybe Blaise hasn’t researched or really looked at fruit of men you mention, but you can’t tell me you HAVEN’T made mistakes, read wrong books and followed wrong leader’s. No one can throw stones. In fact a major Blogger that annunk knows, she has told me the most mean, vicious, nasty, hateful feedback has been from Ihoprayer/Bickle brainwashed followers; defending lie/cult and hasn’t researched a matter. Cages of Pain by Gordon Aeschliman nails how we follow and build men’s empire’s/dynasty’s rather than Jesus (he said Bible laid it all out, yes it did).
    P.S. For those who removed their Blogs and or Comments regarding Bickle/Ihoprayer
    or coerced or threatened, whatever the reason you can’t let Satan win, you can be complicit. There is correction, rebuke, reproof, judging righteous judgment. Are we standing for that like an annunk and so many others?

  5. That guy took more than just a couple seconds to write that, so I recommend you read that two or three times.

    Wisdom is hard to find these days. But God is always, always faithful to give wisdom when you ask Him for it. He definitely blessed that comment.

  6. By the way annunk: blaise forte removed that post (know those of us who corrected him to look at going into the mysticism books he mentioned); he should have left it up so people, parents, families, youth could read about cult tactics especially the 7 hours of berating by leadership; revealing the CONTROL=WITCHCRAFT and not to go outside the cult mentality. So many sites/comments are getting removed and wonder if ihop cult is coercing, strong arming them to remove etc., beth cavete removed a lot of her comments which was sad, and check this out: https://thecosmiccathedral.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/the-tyler-i-thought-i-knew/, you can’t read those 3 posts (babel, pentecost/house of prayer and what rolling stones didn’t tell you about…) and a lot of those comments got removed (when you click on site, look at the CONTROL, WHEN it was freedom to read previous). Noted when collecting sites to send to church leadership to deal with Mike Bickle a lot of them were removed like caris adele’s “carp the hell out of the diem”; she has a complaint “how ihop made me hate God” which both post were really sad, but true. Amazing the abuse and control we tolerate.
    Asked leadership flat out to ask Mr. Mike Bickle if he wasn’t a warlock and who funded him if any *luciferian regime like talked about in Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips, would have to re-read “the marketing of evil by david kupelian if that is also addressed.
    I’d give you a website of that exposure but do not want it removed*. Battle Hymn writes it well along with Dr. James W. Wardner’s book.

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