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The Proof on Contemplative Prayer: by Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle of IHOP-KC instructs followers on contemplative prayer October 28th, 2011 | Author: Lighthouse Trails Editors

By John Lanagan

My Word Like Fire Ministries

In Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit: 5 Practical Phrases, International House of Prayer leader Mike Bickle gives instructions on how to experience contemplative prayer–which he calls “communing prayer.” Like all Christian contemplatives, Bickle works hard at presenting this as biblically acceptable. He states there is “…a lot of counterfeit mysticism…” Before teaching his Christianese mantra method, he again emphasizes he is not talking about Eastern or Oprah religion.

According to Bickle, “I use sentences, better yet phrases. Eventually on these five phrases I’m gonna give you in a minute, I reduce those to one word…” (42:13 of video, give or take)

There is much throughout this entire video to cause concern. (click_HERE_for_video)

I am sorry to say contemplative prayer seems foundational to IHOP, which means much deception has occurred, and will continue to occur. As covered elsewhere, Mike Bickle wants Fire Within, a book promoting the teachings of Catholic contemplatives Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, to be the “manual for IHOP-KC.” (click_HERE_for_article)

Mike Bickle “claims that God is restoring contemplative prayer to the church. He goes on to claim that contemplative prayer is a God-ordained means of entering into the fullness of God, and that the brightest lights in church history have been Roman Catholic mystics who lived during the dark ages. Click here to continue reading.

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Mike Bickle “Want[s]” Contemplative Mysticism Book to be “the manual for IHOP–KC.”

(Now THAT’s a BIGGIE!)


IHOP: Why Didn’t You Post My Comment?!

Just for the record: there have been a lot of comments that I have not posted due to their hateful nature.
Also for the record: I do not hate Mike Bickel.  I do not hate the teachers that work under him. I do hate the New Age agenda however, and I do take a stand against that.

  • For those of you who keep writing in and telling me how hateful I am, your comments are still going to go in the trash bin. So when you do write me, don’t waste your time by telling me how hateful I am etc. because if you do that, your mail will just go right in the trash bin.

(And as they always say) Blessings!