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Don’t get mad at me. Tell God about it.

I’ve been told many times throughout the years that I’m at fault for not praying for the ones I’ve deemed to be false teaches. 

Mike Bickle, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, BETH Moore and the list goes on….

Nowhere in scripture are we commanded to pray for Wolves. Expose them? Yes. Pray for them? No. If I’ve missed that verse, or verses, please let me know. 

Scripture rather tells us to expose the wolves. We are to be like the Bereans and check out every little joy and tittle against scripture and make SURE what they’re teaching is in line with God’s word. 

We are not to bid them good day or invite them in our homes. It amazes me that believers in Christ Jesus KNOW not to invite Jehovahs Witnesses or Mormons in their homes and KNOW not to argue with them. Yet they still turn around and listen, read and study the writings of false teachers/prophets and talk about how anointed they are! Folks, you better be spending quality time in prayer before you support any teacher saying “God told me”…

Yes, I believe God still does speak to His children but be careful! Ministries that suddenly become prosperous are dependent upon something ‘other’ than the simple leading of the Holy Spirit. Be very aware that scripture does teach us about “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. It wouldn’t warn us unless they were overtly out there. 

To the followers of IHOP, all I can say is RUN. Get away before your head gets stuffed up with wrong teachings and before you’ve opened yourself, your soul to contemplative prayer — which is the emptying of your mind…in which Satan finds a nice, cleaned out place to Comon’ in and make yourself at home…

It ruined this family for years until the Holy Spirit, after tremendous amounts of prayer were lifted, intervened and rescued a child from its decept.