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My family was at one time torn apart by IHOP in 2004..

My child went there without our realizing it wasn’t an accredited school. (Our mistake) But a cult?!!?!  Who would have ever thought?!

After being there for a while…my child had been advised not to communicate with any outside family at all. After all…they wouldnt understand IHOP teachings…  He kept that up for 4 years.  No calls, no emails, no letters, no nothing. It was worse than losing someone to death because there was no “closure”. I lived life like I’d lost a family member somewhere but had no way of looking since I wasn’t welcome in his life. 

Finally the day arrived (after MUCH prayer) that he completely pulled away from IHOP.  Praise God!  No reason has EVER been discussed. .. I NEVER ask but depend on God’s timing to ever find out what drove him away.

I just praise God that he is far, FAR away from IHOP now and still loves the Lord immensely. He never did get into the contemplative prayer, I found out, because he “can’t sit still for that long” (Thank you, Jesus!) THAT much I did find out. So I can say that the demonic part of the New Age IHOP teachings never did permeate my child’s heart. 

I did tell one other parent about what IHOP had done to my child and was basically told I was totally wrong. I was told that IHOP was a wonderful place. (Silly me.) Only later did I learn this same woman and her “prophet-husband” were also Bethel followers… need I say more?

PARENTS, if you are thinking that IHOP is a place where you would like to send your child, I honestly ask you DO YOU really want to go through what I went through?  It was a nightmare for me and my family. It didn’t provide any accredited degree for my child either. I pray this keeps you from allowing your child to go there as well. 

PS. The contemplative prayer to which I was referring is a New Age practice in which one goes into self-induced hypnosis otherwise known as Transcendental Meditation. TM is also very high on the Yoga list but that’s a whole nother subject…

Keep your kids away for THEIR sakes as well as yours. 

Scientology & IHOP

Did anyone see the show on ID about a couple who spent years as Scientologists before they finally escaped?  

“Once you get into Scientology you have to completely get away from any family or friends who have anything negative to say about it.” The lady goes on to say that she’d “gone for years without seeing (her) mother, missed (her) brother’s college graduation and missed (her) grandmother’s funeral.”

It was like reliving memories from my own child’s trek with IHOP in which years went by without seeing or hearing from him. Not a letter, not a call, no emails or texts — nothing. I the parent was considered POISON because I disagreed, openly disagreed with Mike Bickle and IHOP and dared to call it what it was (and is) – a cult. 

My child finally got away from IHOP and grew up. God rescued him praise the Lord. So that’s my story. 

To all the IHOPpers who disagree and say that I’ve got it all wrong: Wake up. You are not being like the Bereans at all in that you are not checking what is being taught to you against God’s Word. If you did, you would see that what they are teaching is incorrect.  

If you still think I am wrong, by all means let me know! But be sure to tell me what teaching it is that you believe is absolutely 100% correct. Too many IHOP people have written me to tell me what an awful person I am and how I am not walking in love ( ! ) but have yet to even site one teaching (or teacher) that they believe is correct.  Paul warned us believers about false prophets – likewise I, and many others, are warning any who would listen to stay far far away from IHOP’s doors. Or rather…don’t allow your children in that place.