About Annunk

Annunk is short for Anna Unknown.  I’m originally from the northern central portion of the U.S. and am now living very close to the center of this great nation.

Where do I see us (believers in Christ) in the course of the biblical time table?  I’ve heard many arguments – pre-trib, post-trib and then the argument that He has already returned.. causing us to be, therefore, in the midst of that span of time prior to His 2nd coming.  So with all these great choices, I choose to refer to myself as a “pan-tribulationist” –  I know that with complete trust in His goodness and love, good or bad, sun or rain, euphoria or misery, it will all pan out in the end.  Besides all that, I know God’s Word is truth – He does not lie and his mercies endure forever.  Amen.


37 thoughts on “About Annunk”

  1. I’m a pan-tribber aslo, been saying that for many years, it’s all going to pan out in the end!
    James Lloyd wrote 2 small booklets on exposing the lies of tribulations teachings.
    What I don’t get is how people attend church and NEVER question and follow-up where the money goes. That it goes to the pastor’s/priest’s lifestyle and buildings and you’re paying their mortgages and their children’s private education but they’re are NOT paying your bills and that your supporting their philanthropic dreams and lifestyle and God nor the poor doesn’t get any money.

    Don’t get the need for people to follow a name and ministry that basically is spiritual vampire, spiritual cannibal and habitual liar. Getting suppressed with guilt, condemnation and criticism which is control and bondage equals witchcraft. The need to be a slave to so-called church giving gifts, alms, offerings not to mention all your time in serving, weddings, funerals, dinners, maintenance days for the church and now they want your household items because they’re not making their bills/budget for their parking lot sale.

    Amazing how brainwashed people can be, worse think they’re doing it unto the Lord when it’s for the Hitler, Napoleon type ego (god’s unto themselves). Want a bumper sticker made, majority of christians are brainwashed idiots, that cannot, will not and choose NOT to think for themselves. Amazing. Very good site.

    Keeping posting and keeping us all informed. Majority people do NOT know what a true church looks like, coming out of desert of death, bondage and slavery for that drink of water=living water. Really appreciate writers like Frank Viola that wrote Pagan Christianity and Leonard Ravehill’s written works along with Arthur Katz and Austin Miles books, “Don’t Call Me Brother” and the many writers that exposed church abuse and all it’s corruption: Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, Toxic Faith, 10 Lies That the Church tells Women, Breaking Christian Curses (have over 5 pages of listed books).

    By the way, Jackie Alnor wrote a really good article exposing J. Osteen along with website InPlainSite/Sight.org.

  2. J Meglio,

    Thanks for the comments but I was under the assumption that ‘In Plain Site/Sight” was a Herbert Armstrong site. I’ll have to check it out. I’m familiar with Jackie Alnor but not in any great depth.

    I will tell you this much: Watch your level of anger. I’m hearing a lot of it in your comments. You said, “Majority people do NOT know what a true church looks like..” And you’re right on many levels but never forget that the minute we walk outside of His love, we’re in the same boat that they are. They, like us, were also made in God’s own image and He loves them just like He loves us!

    I get angry sometimes when I see the deception taking place amongst believers of Christ. But we knew it would happen, didn’t we? He told us in His word. “..a deception so great that if it were possible, it would deceive even the very elect.” But instead of balling up my fist in anger, I instead reach out to others and share God’s grace, His love with them. Then I pray God will open their eyes! And He might take a while answering that prayer, but He is always faithful to do so.

  3. I heard your testimony via FOTM and I just wanted to share with you that it was encouraging to hear. In many ways it echoes my own, though I wasn’t in K.C. as long as you were. My intent had been to stay, but circumstances arose and I had to go home. I felt like I was detoxing and instead of pushing through I went to the nearest copy of the IHOP in my hometown and instantly got into leadership. I was a prayer leader, small group leader, and local chapter leader for Bound4Life. One day, a church we were trying to get to sponsor B4L asked me to give him a theological foundations explanation for the ministry. It occured to me then that I had never really sat down and dug deep on that question. When I did, God began to clear away the cloud that had been perpetually over my head. When I brought my new understandings and questions to the rest of the leadership team both at the HOP and B4L, my wife and I were removed from leadership and excommunicated from the church (the local HOP had a fellowship of churches associated with it, one of which we attended). We lost all of our friends who were like family. The godfather of our firstborn son was convinced we were apostate. I didn’t feel mad at God or feel like God had misguided me, but it caused me to very bitter and not trusting of leaders in the Church. Thankfully, several years later, the Lord has guided me and my family to a new church family that has been very loving and who preaches the Gospel and practices expository preaching of the scriptures. Years later, I still feel the effects of being duped but am in a better place to use my experience to help people instead of wallowing in bitterness and anger. So anyway, thanks for sharing and I will continue to check on your blog.


  4. Thanks for the testimonry, Michael. Just for the record though, I personally was not AT the HOP. But I’m glad God has you where He does.

    Keep on spreading the word, brother. The Lord Jesus is being spread like wild fire and people are really thirsty, thirsty for THE TRUTH. (Not just what makes them feel fluffy.)

  5. G’day from New Zealand! Laurie Fitzgerald here. We probably know each other. Just googled Mike Bickle to see what’s happening in his life, etc. and found your article. Very well written and I am in agreement with you. I also went to New Cov, “the Sheep Shed ” Helped lead worship with Brad Chick (is this Brad?!?), then went with Mike and the gang to South County and helped lead worship with Harry, etc. Also sang at Pat’s wedding. (Read in your blog that Pat had died…had also wondered about him) Long story short…currently married to a pastor in Christchurch, New Zealand, have lived around the globe and would love to have a chat with you. Blessings, Laurie

  6. Annunk,

    You wrote,

    Frank Viola is Emergent. Leonard Ravenhill comes on like he’s a holiness guy, but he travels in Latter Rain circles for decades. Then there’s the historical issue with Art Katz and his Ben Israel compound in Minnesota. About a year before he passed away, he hosted a conference with none other than one of the founders of the Latter Rain Movement, George Hurlbert Warnock!!!! Warnock plagiarized the 17th-century Christian Kabbalist writings of Jane Leade and the Philadelphian Society.

    The entire blueprint and doctrines of the Latter Rain movement were passed down from the Philadelphian Society through the twenty-somethings that started the NOLR after WWII in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. We are staring at the mystical face of a demonic principality called “Wisdom-Sophia” of the Lurian Kabbalah. Art Katz was a Christain Kabbalist just like his LDS counterparts — the Mormons. Glen Back, Orrin Hatch, George Romney and his son Mitt, etc. etc. all stem from this Christian Kabbalist strain that also permeates Freemasonry, Scientology, etc. These people believe they are manifest as “Christ on earth” corporately and that doctrine is straight out of the Zohar and other Kabbalist tests.

    Sure Leonard Ravenhill, George Warnock, Art Katz, etc. wrote some great Christian works, but mixed in with the clear water is deadly poison. Young IHOP minds have been taken over by the doctrines and their associated demons relative to variants of Wisdom-Sophia Kabbalist teachings.

    I predict based upon the murders, fraud, theft, and sex crimes happening in the last 15-years within the Latter Rain, that we will see more and more crimes since they refuse to repent and are now under Divine Judgment.

    If anyone reads this and you find yourselves connected in any way with this movement, the time to escape is ***RIGHT NOW***!! Get out now because just as the Bible says about this great Harlot in Revelations, God will force this whore and all her adherents to drink the magical potion in her cup. They will reel and rock and drop over. They will never get up either!!!! This is eternal punishment for all Latter Rain members, whether it be IHOP, Bethel, MorningStar, Every Nations, Christian Int’l, Maranatha, Toronto Airport Fellowship, Brownsville, the Assembly of God, etc. and many, many more front organizations. Way too many to list here.

    If you can escape, then it is by the Mighty Hand of God!!

  7. Excellent comments. Before anyone just hits “reply”, I recommend they research whatever it is with which they disagree.

  8. NOLR History,
    Lavenhill actually spoke out against them in his last interview. Yes he did travel with them, but he did not speak too candidly about them after he got out. If anything his son David Ravenhiil was the one who REMAINED with them.

  9. Leigha, could you please Post documentation of Leonard’s last interview that you’re referring to? I couldn’t find anything backing up what you’re saying.

    In lieu of the fact that he spoke on behalf of Mike Bickle as late as 1991 (3 years prior to his passing), I’d really be quite interested in reading it.

  10. Hi, Annunk,

    So what is wrong with Chuck Smith? I search on the internet, and I did not see any negtive comments on him. He is God father of my chuch pastor Ray in Maranatha church. I just make sure I do not step on the wrong path. You mentioned Chuck’s name in an article about Mike Bickle. Now I understood that we should not follow Mike Bickle. But what about Chuck Smith?


  11. Chuck Smith is big buddies with Ruck Warren, has roots in 4-square church and a following of dedicated students. Caution.

  12. Annaunk thanks for your work.I am updating my book,”Beware The New Prophets” which I wrote in 1999 to expose some of this, can I cite some of your articles?-Bill Randles

  13. annunk….easy to make accusations …revel yourself……I was there from the beginning.

  14. No Kevin. You sure weren’t. Otherwise, I’ve given you plenty of time to back up your comment of “being there”. So Ok Kev, now’s your chance to list some irrefutable facts in dispute of what I’ve written. Go ahead. The floor is all yours.

    Keep in mind, this is being spoken to you via text with the utmost respect.

  15. My real name.. What difference would it make if you knew my name?

    “A hidden agenda”.. No. I’m sorry, but I’ve been very open about my “agenda”. But for you, here it is:

    The purpose of this entire blog is to warn others, mainly parents, to stay (or keep their child) entirely AWAY from IHOP.

    The main reason for my warning others to stay away from IHOP is due to what I have seen IHOP DO to, not only MY family, but other families as well. (Did you know there’s lots of people/family members who get together online to discuss the outrageous horrors IHOP has created and/or caused within their own families?) Sorry, but I wouldn’t wish IHOP on anyone at all – ever. Put bluntly: IHOP is most defintely a cult.

    IHOP “says” it doesn’t encourage any of it’s students to cut off ties with family members, but once the “student” is indoctrinated with IHOP, has gone enough times without food and/or sleep (and YES, IHOP does have days where there is mandatory fasting, where no food is provided from them at all, and that’s fasting WHETHER OR NOT the person feels the Lord calling them to do so.) (Let’s add onto that: the prayer room is a 24/7 prayer room. Students sign-up for their scheduled time to be there; They’re supposed to be praying, but the times I’ve been there, it’s been mainly kids on laptops — either way, if your “time to be there” is @ 2 a.m., then you’re obviously not sleeping… but wait! Then we have the classes which begin early a.m.! You sure can’t take a nap before class! So the food deprivation combined with sleep deprivation creates/causes a gradual, methodical, and eventual control over the student’s minds. IHOP is a very CLASSIC example of a cult.

    p.s. Regarding my name, there are many who would very easily recognize it — it is for that reason, I remain Ann Unknown. I’m sure if you did an extensive Google search, you could eventually uncover my “secret identity”. But then you still wouldn’t have a clue as to who I am – so my name honestly makes no difference at all. ~Blessings to you.

  16. Annunk:
    To help you with Chuck Smith read Alex Grenier’s post and spiritualsoundingboard.org/com, arcata, ca wife that committed suicide and why, I’ve heard over thirty years of dung on Smith Sr., he would NOT correct wives being abused and children being molested, hatred of woman where two single parent woman left the regime and killed themselves. Women at end of rope and hope and when needing help from church given very wrong advice. Alex and Julie are right in their post and L?A.Times did an article in 2006 and 2007 about all the dung in regime and now on weekly.com has jumped on that band wagon.

    Type in abused by Calvary chapel pastor and abused by name of C.C. Church. People’s negative feedback Calvary chapel pastor, people negative feedback and name of church. Controversial articles Calvary chapel pastor, controversial articles name of Calvary chapel church ( applies to any church, just change names). Why don’t we research a matter? That would apply to IHOPRayer and Bickle also; such grievous reads. If and if Bickle had heeded any time of correction from anyone baby Jeremiah and Bethany Deaton might still be here.

    NOLR your writes have always been excellent. Last items read on Katz were 2003, heard about some in-house items at time of his death. At the time felt he was right, how many have gotten off track? Your also right about exiting church, a lot of my friends were out, we know.

  17. You brought up some excellent thoughts on this. Especially the ones about Bethany and Jeremiah possibly still being alive had Mike Bickle heeded the warnings. Very profound.
    His thoughts on that, however, would be that he had no clue any of that was happening. Very sad.

  18. Annunk:

    How can Bickle and his staff ignore all the Blogs and post which are horrific reads of spiritual abuse, downright evil. Can’t believe this regime exist and in business and someone in Christendom doesn’t have the pelatos to shut him down, like so many false ministries even NOLR listed and more*. Mike can be in denial all he wants (“denial is a river in Egypt”); you can’t tell me people haven’t corrected/confronted him for years on his dogma.

    Please ignore Kevin’s taunts, obviously brainwashed ihop’er, defending the cult; obviously doesn’t research a matter. Besides, sorry to say and know of big names in Christendom praying for people to die and cursing them with cancer. Google: Imprecatory prayers and do those reads(exposed at time). Worse, how do you say and convey this: two men have told me that Christian leaders plot to remove those who correct and are a threat to their false ministry because no one is going to mess with the money and what they have built and their lifestyle, their name and reputation (took it public to major church leadership at the time, obviously TO NO AVAIL. Very prophetic woman told me, her pastor hired someone to murder the prophetic types in his church in So. California (usually they can see the sin/dogma and confront). Worse, one of the most gifted apostolic a type and one very gifted prophetic, compromised their call by: “you are to pray it rather than say it”. Sorry, you are to say and confront, the Ezekiel 2: message. Wow, we found out what they were made of, compromising because either they are friends or part of the good ol’ boy network. Expecting Ezekiel 9: to play out.
    *more, that list is so extensive.

  19. I read this several times to make sure I got it all. I did and thanks for the admonition to ignore Kevin’s taunts. I have been doing a lot of ignoring lately. It’s actually a little fun to let them sputter themselves out. I keep reminding myself they’re probably teenagers anyway.

    Why does His Word shy many away from “becoming teachers”? We know the answer to that-don’t we. I pity the leaders of this movement. I pity all of them.

  20. Annunk:: A correction. Researching rick ross, I don’t know why he gave up his site rickross.com (now a gambling site). Rick Ross has a new site to report church abuse: which is cultnews. Google: Rick Ross Institute and do the research.

  21. I check the website you were talking about and the only problem I have with it is the disclaimer at the end. It basically says that the site is on things that have been reported to be called but they may or may not be.

    I did not find anything on Mike Bickle or IHOP, so you might want to ‘tweet’ him some of the information on that so he can list them. Mention Bethany’s murder as well as baby Jeremiah’s death and you will definitely get his attention.

  22. My husband directed me to your website and articles…it answers a Lot of questions- in my spirit and otherwise… and now I must pray about the sweet people I know are being swallowed up into this –God is Most Certainly Faithful.
    I will pray for you and the Truth…is there no end to the deceivers?? oh yeah, there is…May He richly Bless you..and the Truth is most certainly out there- PRAISE YHWH.

  23. Thank you. Just know that when you “share” any of the deception you’re seeing with others, well.. don’t expect a big thank you. This is true especially of the ones who’ve begun playing with contemplative prayer. It is nothing more than TM or self-hypnosis. Luke tells us exactly what will happen –when a demon comes back into a home to finding it clean and swept, he’ll won’t be going back in alone but rather, will be taking in 7 others worse than himself.

  24. Sorry so long since the reply, I’ve been out of commissionfor a bit, but what’s the name of the book? I would love to Google it.

  25. Don’t post, wondered how you were doing. Someone from KC and called me and told me 48 Hours was going to do a special on Deaton. Joanne and I talked that IHOP needs to be totally investigated. Bethany’s dad, what a sad man. Seeing items removed off of sites, not sure if IHOPU is putting pressure to remove articles that have been posted and removed from sites, it’s a lot. Told Joanne also.

  26. Hi Annuk,

    I was wondering if we could chat about IHOP-KC privately a bit. I have never been and am not well-versed in their theology, but I am familiar with some of Bickle’s teachings. His teachings and some of the “harp-and-bowl”-type worship albums were popular in my college church, and some of our people were said to have gone on to do internships with IHOP-KC. So, I have come across the influence, even beyond the scope of actual IHOPers.

    I would appreciate it if some IHOP-KC folks — past, present, whoever, so long as you are in the know — could help me understand the basics on theology, history, lingo, etc.

    Folks can find me on Google+ around the time of my reply here, and there is an e-mail link on the “about” tab from there. Thanks much!

  27. Anyone wishing to chat, let me know and I’ll give you a call on an off day.
    This would be due to the fact that I have a paying job. I look forward to the day when I can retire but we are not there yet.

  28. Annunk: Have you read: “Thieves by Trey Smith, The Fleecing of Christianity by Jackie Alnor and Ungodly Fear by Stephen Parsons”=Books (Article posted: “Exploiting the Need to Belong”).
    Dwight: Would like to know that Book & Author, please! Has anyone written an indepth book on this Cult like these books or “Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles & Losing My Religion by William Lobdell” & his U-Tube Video also on same subject?
    P.S. Was looking for where and what article: “Definition of a Cult” was typed out can you please advise; THANK YOU!
    Thought Annunk: Look at Merry Bloch Jones and her books and how she took people’s true stories and put them in a book; you might want to do that when have time and or retire. Really appreciate you!

  29. P.S. Ron Enroth Author of Churches that Abuse(?) wanted to more information on Mike Bickle and this regime; think he retired from Westmont College though in Santa Barbara!

  30. Yes, Ron Enroth wanted more information on Mike Bickle; read where he was asking if anyone had information on and wanting to know more about, read that somewhere. Gave him what I knew and or had at the time and had been reporting to David Wilkerson and “Report Church Abuse List”. Also, called and talked with Ron Enroth to make sure he got the mail wanted to meet with him; sorry to say, never did.

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