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Why did Jesus wash people’s feet?


How does He want us to do the same since people are in shoes these days (locally)?

No ‘Catchers’ – Would We Still See “Slain In the Spirit”?

No ‘Catchers’.

If this would only “occur” to other pastors, (or just plain old ‘others’), within the body..

This Indiana pastor’s church got caught up in all the false hoopla with Todd Bentley’s “signs and wonders”, but God shook them out of their dilutions.

WHAT would happen at other churches if there were no more able bodied men standing right behind the people about to be prayed for in the prayer lines?  Meditate on that thought for just a moment…

(No pun intended)

“This Generation” is Which Generation?

“Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” Matt 24:34

This is how Jesus ended his prophetic discourse on the Mount of Olives. He had given His disciples the signs they had requested, then discussed the coming great tribulation and finally His glorious return in the clouds of heaven. And “all these things” were to be fulfilled before “this generation” would pass away.

So what “generation” would that be? Many commentators have taken it as the Jewish “race,” but that would be redundant, since many other passages had already promised that the nation of Israel would never pass away Jeremiah 31:37-40. Furthermore, the Greek word for “generation” (genea) is never used elsewhere for any meaning but that of a particular age generation. A similar word genos sometimes means “stock” or “kind,” but never genea.

So, the generation which Christ was predicting probably meant the generation that would see the events He had prophesied. “When ye shall see all these things,” He said, “know that it is near, even at the doors” Matt 23:33.

And what are some of “these things”? World wars, accompanied and followed by “earthquakes in divers places,” as well as “famines, and pestilences”, worldwide spread of the gospel witness, many false Christs and false prophets, widespread wickedness and spiritual indifference as in the days of Noah, and the budding of the fig tree, Israel.

The word for “this” in verse 34 is the main demonstrative adjective, so Christ seems to be referring to “that” generation which sees “these things begin to come to pass.” That generation will see all these things fulfilled! To that generation He says: “Lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” Luke 21:28

There is so much darkness in this world today.  It is as if the entire planet knows that “something” is about to happen.  “When ye shall see all these things,” He said, “know that it is near, even at the doors” Matt 23:33.  There is no place scripturally that mentions the ‘rapture’, but believers simply ‘know’ within their hearts that the Lord is soon to return.  Come Lord Jesus!


I’d never join a cult, I go to IHOP

Mysticism = Occult & IHOP’s Mike Bickle LOVES Mysticism

According to IHOP’s Mike Bickle, if you’re not practicing (occult) Contemplative prayer, then you’re missing his god… 
Mike Bickle On Contemplative Prayer

By Jocelyn Andersen


Mike Bickle, director of the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, and a well-known leader in the Prophetic Movement, claims that God is restoring contemplative prayer to the church. He goes on to claim that contemplative prayer is a God ordained means of entering into the fullness of God, and that the brightest lights in church history have been Roman Catholic mystics who lived during the dark ages. He went on to say the western church had much to learn from these mystics. 


Anti-evangelical propaganda is prominent throughout his message. He informs his followers that they are constantly being put on the defensive by, and apologizing to, evangelical Christians for their intensity toward God by saying “Other Christians force us to hide our intensity—to wear a façade. “…even believers in Jesus…are made uncomfortable and intimidated by our spiritual intensity.”


However, he comforts them with the good news that they don’t “have to wear any façade” when they got together in little oasis’ “like this” (meaning his and other prophetic meetings). He continued his barrage against evangelicals by saying, “They don’t grasp it at all—being introduced into the deep realms of love.”


He claims the church of the western world has abandoned its inheritance to have the fullness of God (through contemplative prayer). 


Bickle freely admits to pursuing eastern religious philosophies and had nothing but criticism for the Western Evangelical Church.  


According to him, evangelical Christians are a pathetic and ignorant bunch. He says of us:


·       “The Protestant wing of the western church, which is a tiny percentage of the Body of Christ…, is nearly completely (98%) unaware that the Holy Spirit is restoring contemplative prayer—center stage—to the church… The Holy Spirit is restoring this precious jewel (contemplative prayer) to the body of Christ. This is the God ordained means of attaining the fullness of God.” audio message Comtempolative Prayer pt1 by Mike Bickle


He quotes from the contemplatives (his word for mystics) and announces that he will be teaching from the Sacred Pathways (which promotes the carrying of symbols or icons, choosing a mantra and visualizing God). Each one of these things is contradictory to the Word of God, which forbids imagery and vain repetitions in prayer.


He insists we need to study the lives and writings of the Roman Catholic mystics, and because the bookstore chain of Barnes and Nobles has carried so many books in this regard, he says (in all earnestness) that B & N is prophesying to the church that we need the mystics, and he wants to know why the church isn’t picking up on the fact that God is calling the entire Body of Christ to live lifestyles of contemplative prayer?



 Below are quotes from Mike Bickle on contemplative prayer:

·       “Every one in the Body Of Christ is called to live lives of contemplative prayer…”

·       “Everybody is called to live in the contemplative lifestyle. Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! That’s one of the great strongholds we have to overcome (resistance to contemplative prayer).

·       “…contemplative prayer, you gotta get over that hurdle! Barnes & Noble is prophesying it! Hurtle one we gotta understand it’s for everybody! Everybody is called to the fullness (contemplative prayer). We’re all going to go into this thing!”audio message Comtempolative Prayer pt1 by Mike Bickle


 Another hindrance to contemplative prayer, says Bickle, is that we need to dismantle (“we” meaning evangelical Christianity) the idea that church history began with Martin Luther (I wasn’t aware we had that idea until he informed me of it).


Bickle says the most inspiring light in all of Christianity came from the Roman Catholic mystics during the dark ages. Below are quotes from Bickle on the mystics:


·       “mystics is a legitimate term…  I don’t want to fight the war…so I’m just saying contemplative prayer, but I mean the mystics—even here at IHOP I say, lets just stay with contemplatives …I don’t have time to argue… so I call them  the contemplatives…. I don’t want to go into the semantics, the debates…so, I’m calling it the contemplatives… I don’t have time to argue… but I need the mystics.”

·       “[They are] Some of the brightest lights in all of history… there has been the brightest lights in all history for men and women of abandonment in the dark ages… somewhere we have to say the dark ages were the luminaries in the grace of God…they were Catholic priests.”

·       “…a study of the lives of the mystics, the contemplatives, through history, and clearly the most inspiring, compelling examples of history, in my world, have come out of the Catholic dark ages. I can’t find anything like it in modern times, in America, in the protestant world.”

·       “…we need a little Holy Spirit catalytic jump start. We need to see where a few have gone before us, and say if they did we can, and we can go further… and if you’re going to go deep into that well, I’m sad to say, the vast majority of them are going to have Catholic roots in history.”audio message Comtempolative Prayer pt1 by Mike Bickle


Bickle minimizes the false doctrine of Roman Catholicism by saying, “But didn’t Catholics do some funny things…? Well, when you stand before the Lord you’ll find out you did some funny things too.”


Bickle heavily promotes Bernard Clairvou (who he claims was a just a quiet little monk who only wanted to stay in his hermitage, praying and reading The Song of Solomon). He is clearly impressed with Clairvous healing ministry but leaves out the part where Clairvou travels extensively as a major instigator of the second crusade. He says, “Bernard Clairou became my most inspiring life outside the Bible.”


The writings of Father Thomas Keating (the modern day Father of contemplative prayer) are also promoted.  


Bickle says these two mean are examples, for us, of,  “a way to a deeper life in God.” He went on to say, “The protestant world is in great need of examples (like these) that will beckon us to the fullness of God.” audio message Comtempolative Prayer pt1 by Mike Bickle


 Mike Bickle is telling the Body of Christ that we are woefully deficient in having lost God’s fullness and need to look to New Age, Eastern philosophy and to Roman Catholic mystics as examples in how to restore it!


And his advice to questioning, spiritually languishing and anguishing souls (who didn’t know their real problem was that they wanted more of God—until he told them so) is this, “Don’t evaluate yourself, don’t evaluate others. Just keep going after it.” audio message Comtempolative Prayer pt1 by Mike Bickle


In plain language that means don’t read or listen to anything discerningly or analytically. Don’t question anything or anybody—not even yourself (except evangelicals of course). Just go with what feels right.


How does that jive with search my heart O God and test my thoughts…? How about this one, “There is a way that seemeth right…?”


Bickle Quotes taken from the audio teachings of Mike Bickle on Contemplative Prayer at:


For a Biblical view of contemplative prayer see: 



Thank you to Jocelyn Andersen for this post. 

IHOP New Age?

“Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” 1 Tim 4:1

This very real warning by the Holy Spirit, spoken “expressly” (or “with special clarity”) for those living in the latter days, predicts an unusual outbreak of seductive demonism–not just in pagan or idol-worshipping cultures, but in “CHRISTIAN” nations, where they can lead many to “depart from the faith” which their forefathers once professed. Christians, therefore, should not be taken by surprise at the explosion of witchcraft, New-Age mysticism (seen at IHOP – Int’l House of Prayer), Eastern occultism (also seen at IHOP – Int’l House of Prayer), altered states of consciousness (also seen at IHOP – Int’l House of Prayer), and even overt Satan-worshipping cults that have suddenly slithered into out society. Behind it all are the “seducing spirits” and “the rulers of the darkness of this world” Eph 6:12.

It should be obvious that Christians must completely avoid all such beliefs and practices.

“I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils” 1 Cor 10:20. “Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing” 2 Cor 6:17.

Even “innocent” fun (Halloween parties, Ouija boards, dungeons-and-dragons games, etc.) and well-intentioned exorcism of apparent demon-possession by Christian workers have often led to dangerous demonic influences in the lives of Christian people, as well as in Christians who have sought supernatural experiences or revelations. 

At IHOP, experience totally supercedes the Word of God.

In anything that even touches on occultism or demonic influence, the advice of Peter is relevant. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist steadfast in the faith” 1 Peter 5:8-9

Are you still curious about IHOP?